“Alt love you. No, seriously, Alt LOOOOVE you.”

So, to my surprise, Alt was the name of the beer we were tasting, not the fancy schmany brand that Rett made to symbolize our Alt[ernative] meet-up this week. Also, to my surprise, this beer was INCREDible. It was like Newcastle (my all time favorite) on flavor steroids. Unfortunately for me, I was low on sleep, heavy on homework, and responsible for driving Nick back home, so I limited myself to just one (amazing) glass. I loved every last sip of it . . . dare I say, this is my first 5 star beer?!

24 Can Mistake

Friend and I decided to pick up some of this at Minnehaha Liquors after a few drinks at the Town Talk Diner. They only had 24 packs. We asked if they had a 6-pack or a 12-pack, they didn’t, and we figured “well, we’ve gone this far…” and got it. Invited another friend over to enjoy. We all tried it for a bit and my, this beer we did not like.  I think it’d be fun if I was ice fishing though. It’s like someone took a cheep beer and dumped a candy carmel in it. Yeah. That’s how I’ll describe it. I have a bunch of cans left if anyone wants to stop over at my house and have free beer. Drop me a note.