Just Like Kentucky!

Barley John’s Dark Knight Returns, despite the silly name is actually my favorite brew at Barley John’s. Unfortunately, unlike many, I have not been a big fan of Barley John’s. I do like this brew though.Served in a small glass, the aroma in some ways stronger than the 13.5% alcohol in the beer itself. Straight away, it tastes less like a beer and more like a bourbon drink. It reminded me of Louisville’s Bluegrass Brewing Company‘s Jefferson Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout, just stronger. Did I say this tastes like bourbon?

The Dark Night Made My Day

It was great to get together with some friends and other Brew52er’s on Saturday to taste some of the great beers at Barley John’s. The brewmaster, Colin, was kind enough to drink a beer with us and talk about the brewing process for some of the beers we tasted.

The Dark Night is a thick, syrupy porter that really warms you up on a cool, windy day. I like the bourbon taste that comes through and aging in the bourbon barrels really smoothes out the beer. There are plenty of other good beers on tap as well; I also really enjoyed the IPA.