The March 31st Snowstorm

I was able to find a sixer of Snowstorm lurking in the back of the liquor grocer’s cooler and decided to pick it up. No wonder it was sitting alone on the shelf. I poured it down the middle of the glass and got nary a bit of head out of it. After settling for 15 seconds, there was no carbonation whatsoever. The taste was flat to boot. In fact, it tasted like I was drinking it out of a soiled pair of Sorels.

I had last year’s Snowstorm and remember being quite impressed by it. Well, no two snowflakes are alike. This much is true. I could pick up the raisin aroma after it warmed up a bit, but the overall flavor was as bland as a fratboy’s musical tastes. I kinda wish I had left that sixer sitting on the shelf. And so it goes.

Meh, meh and double meh!

This beer would be fine if you were trapped at your uncle the cheap drunk’s house without an alternative.  This is one of those beers, that is best served as cold as possible.  When it is very cold, you taste nothing, then a sweet taste.  This is pure alcohol delivery device, and as such it has few other redeeming characteristics.  I like a little flavor with my alcohol.   To sum up I would not seek it out and I would not purchase it.   Thanks to Cassie and CJ for delivering this to me.