with a name like that

So I shared a bottle of Frame Straightener with the wifey on Sunday and enjoyed it overall. I was pretty shocked to see Nick’s review, but I figured he just had some beef (like his girlfriend left him for one of the Brau Brothers or something). Then I saw a few more of the “bad batch” reactions so I went out and bought another six pack last night to try again. It still tasted good to me, but I agree that it’s just missing a bit of the impact…like Josh said, it tasted a bit watered down. Truth be told, I think the real reason I’m bothered by this lack of “pow” is that with a name like Frame Straightener you expect a powerful flavor. Oh well, I still like it and will have no problem finishing off the sixer.

Flat Earth Brewing – with emphasis on Flat

With such a large bottle, I knew that I would need to pour it in to a mug. It formed a nice head when poured into the middle of the mug. I really like the carmel color, but I am partial to anything darker than a lager. When lifted to the nose, I noted a fruity aroma to the beer. After that point, I was disappointed. The taste was flat and almost non-existent after the first couple of seconds. A few moments later after a few more sips, the flavor had built and was now quite pleasant. There is a hint of clove and a little fruity taste. There is not an unpleasant aftertaste. In fact, you want to keep sipping . It might be the reason for the large bottle; it takes a while to build up a great taste. It is definitely a sip and enjoy type of beer that can take a while to finish. By the time I finished the beer, it was slightly warm. Lost some of the flavor and I was happy that it was done.