This is a punk rock beer

The bloody brit punkers wore tartan and ripped tee shirts. The germans wore modified blue and white table clothes. This beer is not for hippies or fascists. This beer will spit in your face and you will love it. This beer will head butt you, slam your skinny ass to the floor and crush your face with it’s combat boots. Ach Du lieber!

Enjoy in moderation.

Beerf Stew Anyone?

This is the first beer that I’ve tasted in three days due to snot clogging cold, and it is flushing the previous two beers down the toilet…rapidly. This beer is delicious and nicely balanced. I’m thinking of making a beef stew with this beer…or maybe Belgian Style Pale Ale braised beef, pulled, then slapped on a tasty hard roll served with a side of Belgian Style Pale Ale braising liquid for dipping. mmmmm…

I dig it.

Cracked open a bottle with dinner tonight, great smell, nice head when poured into the glass.  The lady liked it, I liked it, the man sized bottle was gone quick.  It has a strong initial taste and is a very drinkable beer, I will be buying this again.

Purchased at Sid’s for $2.99 plus tax(if I remember correctly, receipt was lost)

Could be worse.

I gave it a 3 based on the 5.8% and the 9 dollars plus tax I paid for the 24 of ’em.  I took them to a party with a few other guys and we drank them all, they get better with the quantity you drink.  It is a fine beer to get drunk off of while fishing, playing poker, or Guitar Hero.  I would buy it again for the quantity, not quality.

Paid $9.14 plus tax at Sid’s in Bloomington.

A Not So Flat Beer

Flat Earth Belgian Pale Ale…I really enjoyed this beer. I purchased a couple bombers at the Apple Valley liqueur store for $3.49 each. I didn’t get a chance to pour some out in a glass because I brought them out to the ice house but it sure did smell damn good in the bottle. You can taste a little of the hops but it’s not over done so you can enjoy a couple bottles in a sitting. No nasty after taste. Just 100% pure Belgian goodness. If you like Fat Tire then you will like the Flat Earth. I also tried the Flat Earth Element 115 (good stuff but I will leave that for another review).

24 Can Mistake

Friend and I decided to pick up some of this at Minnehaha Liquors after a few drinks at the Town Talk Diner. They only had 24 packs. We asked if they had a 6-pack or a 12-pack, they didn’t, and we figured “well, we’ve gone this far…” and got it. Invited another friend over to enjoy. We all tried it for a bit and my, this beer we did not like.  I think it’d be fun if I was ice fishing though. It’s like someone took a cheep beer and dumped a candy carmel in it. Yeah. That’s how I’ll describe it. I have a bunch of cans left if anyone wants to stop over at my house and have free beer. Drop me a note.


After a long day of sitting around my house doing nothing, this beer hit the spot. 

I generally like Schell’s beers, but I don’t buy them often.  This is the best of their beers I have ever tasted.

It was sweet and smooth.  I was happily surprised by how much body it has.  I wasn’t expecting any, so the amount it had made me happy.  More would have been better.  In a glass, it is gorgeous, just really pretty.  The alcohol content must have been more than a normal beer because my husband got a buzz off of just one, or so he said. 

 Overall, much better than expected.  I would absolutely pick up another six pack.

Good, but not Great.

I am not a big fan of this style of beer and SnowStorm didn’t do much to change my mind.  It was smooth and fruity but I wouldn’t kick it out of the fridge if it had a little hoppier taste.  The color and head were nice and it had a fine smell and aftertaste.   If I finish off the sixer in one sitting my review may go up but my typing ability may suffer.

In conclusion I don’t think this is a bad beer but I won’t be keeping a spot for it in the fridge this winter, hopefully you enjoy it.

Purchased at Richfield Liquors for $6.99 +tax.

Better than I thought, honestly.

Picked up a six pack of August Schell Snow Storm today at East Lake Liquor in Minneapolis. After my 3rd bottle, I’m convinced that it’s pretty good. It’s slightly dark, full, smooth and a tad bit heavy. It’s a “light dark,” to me, if that makes any sense. Nothing about it pokes out at me and what’s surprising about it is that there’s no surprises. It’s a simple dark beer, simply put.