Unfairly kind to this brew

Loved this beer. Perfect hoppiness and I was able to drink a few without being overwhelmed. It was refreshing and could be had with any meal. Although, I may be biased because it came from the tap and drank it in the bar. I’ll give this beer 5 stars, but I feel that it’s on an uneven playing field with past beers that came out of the bottle or can.

Alt meets Herkiburger

Thanks to Ret for organizing a great Brew52 get together. Thanks Ret.

And thank you Herkimer for a hopped up Alt beer paired with a burger topped with mozzarella cheese, tobacco onions, bacon, and a raspberry bbq sauce on a toasted bun. I enjoyed the Alt, but it was a little bitey for me. I really enjoy a hoppy beer, but this one had something else going on that wasn’t screaming at me. I must say though, I used to be a smoker, and this combination really made me want a cigarette…oh, oopsi had one that night. mmmm…oooooooo…crap

Alt errr ego

Maybe it was the good company, maybe the joy of hump day, but the Alt hit the proverbial spot with me.  I’m not a big fan of extremely hoppy pale ales.  The Alt ran the fine line between character and drinkability.  I had three.  I would compare it to Sierra Pale Ale which is another favorite.  

Thank you Herk

Herkimer, I got nothin but love for you. You were a most gracious host on Wednesday for the first official Brew52 meet up. You brew a mean Alt Bier, which I found to be nice and hoppy, not too bitter, and actually quite creamy. You also make some really tasty dipping sauces. I especially enjoyed dipping my mini burgers in your tangy ketchup. Yum. Thanks for supporting Brew52 and I look forward to tasting more of your great beers. Oh and even though I didn’t take advantage of it, thanks for having a shuffleboard!


Now, I have a bias against the Herkimer. I just don’t have a high opinion of the joint. Don’t care for the food and don’t like that the only beer I can drink when I’m there is theirs. So that said, I thought this beer tasted like the rice vinegar that was sitting on the table next to me. 

At first…

The first taste of the Alt I must say was disappointing. It just tasted off. Thankfully, it did get better as the night wore on, that “interesting” taste fading to the background. I need to do more exploring of lagers to figure out what that is. Maybe its supposed to be there. I wish I had more opportunities to get to the Herk. Good meeting a few folks.

excellent beer

I really enjoyed the Alt at the Herkimer, and its no surprise when its described as having “high bitterness and aroma characteristic of generous additions of hops to the brew” and is “most easily compared to a German form of a pale ale.”

the alt at the herkimer

Does it get any better than German AND hoppy all at the same time??!?

I liked the Alt the best of the 4 beers I tried at the Herkimer and I will definitely get it again the next time I go.

“Alt love you. No, seriously, Alt LOOOOVE you.”

So, to my surprise, Alt was the name of the beer we were tasting, not the fancy schmany brand that Rett made to symbolize our Alt[ernative] meet-up this week. Also, to my surprise, this beer was INCREDible. It was like Newcastle (my all time favorite) on flavor steroids. Unfortunately for me, I was low on sleep, heavy on homework, and responsible for driving Nick back home, so I limited myself to just one (amazing) glass. I loved every last sip of it . . . dare I say, this is my first 5 star beer?!

Hooray for the Herkimer!

What a great meet-up at the Herkimer!!! The beer was good, the food was good, and I found all the brew52ers  to be an enjoyable group of people!  And as a bonus I won a 12 pack of the Summit Winter!

I’m always a little nervous meeting new people, so I am not sure I did a really good job evaluating the ALT, but I’m thinking it was pretty darn good. I will certainly visit the Herkimer again!

Sticky Fingers

Again thanks Rett for organizing not only the site but the event last night as well.  It was good to meet a large chunk of people on this site, it just makes the reviews much more relevant.  

This was a decent beer for me.  I would not say it was anything special but it was pleasant to drink and there was really nothing that totally turned me off about it.  This is a sweet beer not cider sweet but still sweet enough that when I spilled some of my full beer on my fingers they were sticky all night.  Well at least until I went to the restroom. 

Great event, good beer.

Thanks to Rett and The Herkimer for the great event.

For me, I’ve only been to The Herkimer a couple times before. First time I didn’t like any of the beers I tried. Second time one wasn’t bad. This trip has turned me around on the place.

The Alt was good but hard to dissect. I couldn’t really put my finger on what it was that I liked about it and even worse I couldn’t figure out what it was that I didn’t like about it. After awhile though, I realized I’d have no problem drinking a few of these. And I did. Thankfully with the magic of this site I can let other people describe the beer. I just can’t seem to do it. I can rate it, though!

Later in the night I met up with some other friends and drank some more. It seemed that all the staff there was recommending the Bock. It is indeed a really good beer there right now. If you head down to the Herkimer, I say try both the Alt and the Bock.

Staff last night was great and handled the large group well. Really friendly. I’ll be back.

Thanks Rett

That was pretty well laid out last night.  Free drink, complimentary bottle opener, raffle prizes, custom name tags.  Brew52 goes all out.  I posted a few pictures on my blog.

Now to the beer.   Maybe I was hoping for to much, maybe I was still reeling a bit from the food poisoning that took me down over the weekend, whatever it was I don’t know the beer just didn’t sit right with me.  A bit to sweet perhaps, a bit to syrupy in the after taste, something just didn’t click for me.  Was it terrible?  By no means, just not something I’d continue to order.

I think I’ll stick to Schell’s Schmalt’s Alt as my favorite alt beer.

Party at Herkimer, and in my mouth

The Herkimer Alt is aptly named as a great alternative to standard pale ale. It has the hops and smoothness of pale ale with an extra German kick that makes it stand apart. I’m not sophisticated enough to know what it is but I like it.

It was great to meet many of the Brew52 reviewers, thanks for setting it up Rett. Also, thanks to the staff at The Herkimer for their hospitality!

Butterscotch Candy

The first sip of the Alt seemed like something other than beer. It took a couple of sips to determine what that taste was – butterscotch! You know that butterscotch syrup that you put over ice cream. I don’t recommend using beer over ice cream. It was creamy and sweet but not syrupy. I do recommend Bailey’s Irish Cream over chocolate ice cream but that’s a different story. All in all, I was able to get past the butterscotch taste and enjoy the brew. I also very much enjoyed the company and hope that we will have more meet ups during the year. 

Alternate Beir

A great lager, but only one please.  It’s great body and fine flavor is only killed by the curse that is it’s sweetness.  This is one of the few lagers I’ve had that is full flavored and delicious.  This beer inspires me to find the darkest lager I think that will be the best lager.  Some the best lagers in my mind:  Stella, Lion Imperial, and Coney Island Lager. Beyond the sweetness.  Beyond the syrup sticky sweetness, this beer is a tribute to lagers.  Is it bottled?