Had it at the Muddy Pig – where the glassware always smells a little like their detergent.  Hey at least it’s clean! 

Everything seems to be in balance with this one.  It’s easy to drink and packs a punch; a huge beer in palatable form.  I can’t think of anything bad about my Darkness experience.  I may have expected a more extreme beer from Surly, but was even more pleased to get a great beer that was good all-around.   

Hell yeah

This years’ release of Darkness is much more accessible and sessionable than 07 in my opinion (altho I liked last years better I think), while still packing a wallop of malts and hops to enjoy. Chilled and in a pint glass it was incredible; I can only imagine how good it will be at 55 degrees and in a nice tulip glass. Proper. Grab a glass while supplies last.