its been too long since i’ve had a good beer

Lately everywhere I go has had Summit EPA as the best beer on tap. Nothing wrong with a little Summit, don’t get me wrong, but I like a little variety in my hops. Surlyfest to the rescue. This beer is fantastic. I have to agree with Josh, its like an Octoberfest but with more hops, which is always a good idea (along with more garlic).

This is a punk rock beer

The bloody brit punkers wore tartan and ripped tee shirts. The germans wore modified blue and white table clothes. This beer is not for hippies or fascists. This beer will spit in your face and you will love it. This beer will head butt you, slam your skinny ass to the floor and crush your face with it’s combat boots. Ach Du lieber!

Enjoy in moderation.

best of the fest

I could Google it, but that just kills a conversation.  What’s the significance of the blue and white checkered pattern with Oktoberfest?  The Surly can just looks like a picnic tablecloth, but I became interested when I saw the pattern on a Schell’s Oktoberfest label.  Anybody?

 And for the record, this one is great.  Having this beer at this time of year makes me proud to be fractionally German. 

The hops define this beer

The extra hoppiness contributes wonderfully to the overall flavor character of this beer.  It has the look and initial similarities to the other Oktoberfest beers, but the extra hop kick puts Surlyfest miles ahead of the competition, at least in my book.  I felt like the aroma was a little like an old dishrag, leaving me thinking that I might not have washed my beer glasses properly, but, no, it was the beer.  That would be my only dislike about this beer.  Otherwise, the Surly boys have brewed up another winner.  The can design is a beautiful touch as well. 

Mmm, Bier

I said the same thing about Furious: The canned version doesn’t do the beer justice. I was, however, fortunate enough to try SurlyFest at the Autumn Brew review, and then again off the tap at Triple Rock. Out of the tap, SurlyFest is just what you expect from an Oktober bier with a subtly hoppy edge for kicks. Out of the can: subtract some hops and add some aluminum. Still drinkable, but just not the same experience.Still, by all means, go buy some and drink it. And if you can, find some at your local pub and drink that too. Then drink some more. After all, in a couple days Oktober will be over and all you’ll have left is stupid old October.

An Oktoberfest I like!

In general, I’m not a fan of the Oktoberfest-style beers, just like I generally don’t like wheat beers however from time to time a beer from one of these categories will come along that reminds me to keep trying the things I THINK I won’t like, ’cause just maybe this one will be the exception.  I had the pleasure of giving this one a go at Surlyfest (the event) and wow!  I should have known that if there was one brewery that would make an Oktoberfest-style beer I’d enjoy it would be Surly.  And hush, I’m not a Surly sheep, goat, or whatever, I just believe they make some fine products, including Surlyfest.

Bier for a stein!

I was a little worried I wouldn’t find any Surlyfest left on the shelf, but fortunately I was able to snag a four pack from the last case at Surdyks earlier this week. I’ve commented before on beer packaging and specifically how much I like Surly’s can designs. Surlyfest does not dissapoint, with it’s checkered blue background and character with a German hat. Probably my favorite detail is that the typical “Beer for a glass, from a can.” statement has changed to “Bier for a stein, from a can.” Continue reading Bier for a stein!