A fitting day: I watched broadcasts from St. Paul during the day and tried the Convention Ale at night.  Drinkable, with just enough bite to keep it interesting.  My wife put it best I think “Kind of like [candidate name excluded].  Good.  Pretty non-offensive, but there’s something better” 

And as a testament to my steel trap of a mind – I was about an hour past finished with the bottle when I finally got the play on words in the name (conventional/ale)


While I’m not out slashin’ police cruiser tires and protesting, I am taking part in an even better aspect of this year’s RNC.  The Convention Ale is a well carbonated, reddish hued beer with an excellent malt to hop balance.  I can’t tell much by the aroma, but the taste is subtle and smooth.  A very light malt flavor that doesn’t linger on the buds for too long, you don’t have to be a beer aficionado to appreciate this beer’s craftsmanship.  Once again, the St. Paul water is doing it for me.   I don’t even care if it’s daughter is knocked up or not, Flat Earth is bound to steal some votes with this one.  Three cheers, four stars.

Partisan Punch

Well it’s a true to form Belgian red ale, really no bells and whistles. I will say this is the first of it’s kind I’ve tried, so I don’t have anything to compare it to other than what I have read about this style. It takes you by surprise by how sour it is (hooray for bacteria and yeast!)…the only thing is, it’s hard to get past the sour on your palette. I rather enjoyed it due to it being so different than anything I’ve tasted to date. The sour taste is appropriate coming into the election season, in which we will probably all be left with a sour taste in our mouths.