Where can I find a barrel and a waterfall?

The mildly hoppy aroma complements the hints of clove flavoring quite well.  The taste lingers on your tongue long enough to be enjoyable without being overdone.  Not overly hoppy, just enough to let you know they’re present, but not enough to have to do the roof of the mouth/tongue smack thing.  It’s not a beer that I would typically buy, but I’m glad that I joined Brew 52, otherwise I would probably have never just picked one up.

By the end of the bottle, the spice-y aftertaste begins to take hold.  I wonder how my breath smells to other people after drinking this?  By the way, the guy on the bottle reminds me of a lot of the empty suits I see walking in the skyway during lunch hour.  Classic.  Re: the bottles being too big? I disagree.  Just better for sharing the wealth, though my girlfriend didn’t like it much.  Oh well, more for me I guess.  Things could be far worse.

Safe at first through home.

In his explanation for going with the 22oz bottles, Jeff from Flat Earth stated something to the effect of “if you’re going to indulge in a beer, indulge.”  Not an exact quote, but I agreed with what he said.  The Belgian Pale Ale was just right in the big bottle.  Not too pungent or syrupy to get sick of after a few sips.  Refreshing with a sweet, hinting at fruity, tatse.  A solid alternative to more hoppy beers – if that’s your taste.  I, personally, am not terribly descriminate. 

Does the “Flat Earth Society” still exist?

I heard about this group once from an old middle school science teacher. I’d like to meet one of these people who still truly believe that the earth is not round. I admire someone who sticks to their beliefs even in the face of science. Those silly facts.

That being said, I admit I like this beer. It’s not what I was expecting from a Belgian. There was a sweetness to it that threw me for a loop; I was expecting something more fruity but I got a little slap across the face full of caramel instead. Its a very drinkable beer. Roadblock: I had one that I thought was a little flat, so I tried a second and found that to be the same. I’m going to stick to my guns though, even in the face of the carbonation I yearn for.

Beerf Stew Anyone?

This is the first beer that I’ve tasted in three days due to snot clogging cold, and it is flushing the previous two beers down the toilet…rapidly. This beer is delicious and nicely balanced. I’m thinking of making a beef stew with this beer…or maybe Belgian Style Pale Ale braised beef, pulled, then slapped on a tasty hard roll served with a side of Belgian Style Pale Ale braising liquid for dipping. mmmmm…

its not you, its me

Dear Belgian-Style Pale Ale, I have decided to stop seeing you for awhile. I started our relationship off with high hopes, and feel I have put more into it than you have. I dont thinks its you, it may be me. I acknowledge your Belgium yeast-e-ness, and biscuit-e-ness; but i just cant quite get a taste for a long term relationship. Maybe in the future we will try this again?

Anything else?

I thought that the taste of this beer was fine for a pale ale, but it had a bit too much foam. I think it was still expanding in my stomach when I went to bed. With that being said I would be interested in trying Flat Earth’s other beers and really liked that it came in a large bottle. Drinking feels more social if you share a bottle of beer, like a bottle of wine…

a mixed bag.

Poured great; I like a lot of head out of my belgian’s without blowing out of the glass.  This one did not disappoint, however it receded fast.  I suspect it was too cold at first.  My first impressions commiserate with Aaron’s “homebrew” comment.  However the flavors opened up some as it warmed up.  The hops became a nice green herbal sensation.  Citrus flavors mucked about.   Soon however, it was drowned by dinner: pizza.  Overal, very drinkable but a near miss.  The nose remained a little pungent and the body lost most of its carbonation.



Belgian Session Ale

Most Belgian beers tend to be more like wines in alcoholic heft and complication of flavor.  It’s nice to see a Belgian style which does not want to knock me over, and I can enjoy a few with friends, or pair with a meal.  I enjoyed this beer.   It has a great fruity flavor from the yeast and a nice spicy bite from the German hops.  It is subtle enough that it complements almost any meal, but I noticed the best return with salty fried foods like calamari or onion rings.   The fruit and the hops really come to the fore with that tasting, go figure. 


It tastes astringent. Citrus-y? The immediate hit on the tongue is attention-getting. It’s fine until you swallow it; the aftertaste lingers in an unpleasant way. A night of drinking this will guarantee a terrible-tasting mouth the morning after.

This is the kind of beer I would eat with food because I don’t like it that much, so food doesn’t get in the way of savoring it. I had it with pizza.

Flat Earth Brewing – with emphasis on Flat

With such a large bottle, I knew that I would need to pour it in to a mug. It formed a nice head when poured into the middle of the mug. I really like the carmel color, but I am partial to anything darker than a lager. When lifted to the nose, I noted a fruity aroma to the beer. After that point, I was disappointed. The taste was flat and almost non-existent after the first couple of seconds. A few moments later after a few more sips, the flavor had built and was now quite pleasant. There is a hint of clove and a little fruity taste. There is not an unpleasant aftertaste. In fact, you want to keep sipping . It might be the reason for the large bottle; it takes a while to build up a great taste. It is definitely a sip and enjoy type of beer that can take a while to finish. By the time I finished the beer, it was slightly warm. Lost some of the flavor and I was happy that it was done.

Why doesn’t it taste like EPA?

Just to clarify (or beer-dorkify), Belgian Pale Ale, in itself, is a style of beer. If you’re expecting a blend of Summit Extra Pale Ale and Chimay, you’ll probably be disappointed…

That being said, Flat Earth’s Belgian Pale Ale pours a clear copper color with a slightly off-white head and tons of sticky lacing on the sides of the glass. Give it a sniff and you might catch some spice, Belgian yeast and some caramely sweetness. Biscuity malts definitely come through in the flavor as well as more yeast and spice. Very drinkable. Drunkable, in fact.

We managed to kick one of Al’s kegs at the Blue Nile on my wife Dawn’s 30th birthday. Given the selection of good beer at the ‘Nile, I hadn’t really planned on drinking the stuff all night (though the Surly one was 9% abv, so this was probably a safer option), but once I got started, I just kind of fell for the stuff.

If you get a chance, stop by the brewery for a tour sometime. Jeff and Cathie Williamson (some of you might remember Jeff from Town Hall) put their hearts and souls into this brewery, and it comes through. Good work!

Flat Earth Lives Up To It’s Name

I enjoyed this bottle of Flat Earth Brewing Belgian-Style Pale Ale last night. When pouring it, the beer seemed a bit flat. Tasting it at first reminded me of many homebrew beers I’ve tasted. It is a bit flat, but it’s very smooth… and the bit of taste it does have, which is hoppy, ends fast. It goes down easy even though it’s a bit bitter (for the better). I split this beer with Dave, who gave this face after a good swig of it. He called it his “hops face.” He added, “besides the hops, it doesn’t have a lot of flavor.” Overall, it’s not bad, but not that special either, in my opinion. I said, “I’d give this beer three stars,” and he agreed with me.

Nice and Smooth.

MMMM, now this is more like it. I enjoyed the hoppiness of the the pale ale side of this beer. The belgian ale provided a smoothness to compliment the pale ale. I wouldn’t necessarily seek this beer out. It was good, but a little pricey for my taste. I’ll wait for my tax return and then splurge on one of these deliciously smooth beverages.

A bit phoamy.

The ph is for phoney (a good Belgian Ale effort but certainly not the real deal) and the oamy is of course for foamy (when I poured it in my glass it fizzed up quite a bit which was kind of annoying). Yet getting past the fact that it is made in Minnesnowda and decapitating that massive head is a big roasty beer with that trademark sweet Belgian begining bite.

best brew52 yet

This was my favorite brew52 beer yet. The mix of belgian and pale ale was interesting, but not a session beer. I tasted raisins in there too, similar to the first week’s snowstorm, which was a turn off.  I won’t be buying this beer, but I wouldn’t turn one down either

I look forward to trying the other beers from flat earth later this year, I think I may enjoy them more.

Flat Earth falls a bit flat, then rounds out.

I’ll be honest. I really wanted to like this beer – and I had high hopes. The label was non-offensive, the size was just up my alley (and I didn’t have to buy a 6-pack!) and the color was perfect. I decided to enjoy this brew with my Friday night pizza, just like the local brewers suggested. Thankfully, I imbibed before gorging, because the beer was actually good – before the Italian cuisine. However, once I added the pizza to my palette, the beer tasted like . . . old people. Thankfully, the 1 pint 6 oz size allowed for this error; after finishing the pizza and cleansing my palette, I tried again. This time, I was probably a bit under the influence, but I do believe the Earth came full circle and was enjoyable once again. 


I think my store just go this in today! So I braved the -30 windchill and got some. I am glad I did because this is a very tasty beer. I have decided week three is time to break out my new scientific system: the Mac-curate! Beer Rating system:

Taste:  3 out of 3 stars–drink it!

Cost: 1/2 out of 1 star

Other: 1/2 out of 1 star — I always like a big bottle of beer plus it feels like -30 outside (I drink to forget!!)!

Total: 4  stars

Like a punctured Earth…

If I could take all the things I love about the other Flat beer, Flat Tire, mix it with a smooth yet yeasty aftertaste add a mix of ambiguous flavors and gently let a beer maiden churn the fruits and oats into sublimeness, I would say it comes close to Flat Earth Belgium Pale Ale. Why close? Because like every good American I have a short attention span, pleasure seeker—although I can watch a whole soccer match. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the excellence of the Pale Ale but I want something different, the next best Flat beer and surely this doesn’t keep me from glancing around for the next beer maiden and her trusty fruit and oats.

If this beer were a woman…

…I’d run and run fast. The 1pt/6oz bottle I bought at Warehouse Liquors in Duluth was cold, bitter, and a serious drain on my wallet. Luckily, however, this is beer. I’m not a fan of Belgian-style beer (especially the American knockoffs) but this stuff’s got it going on. It’s got a pleasantly dry flavor with a nice bite. I probably won’t be buying another $4.50 bottle, but if I see it in a pub or restaurant, I’ll have it again without hesitation.

Flat Earth, Full Taste

Being a huge fan of IPAs and Pale Ale’s, I was wondering how this would compare to some of my favorites. I really like this beer! I enjoy hoppy beers, but the medium level of hops in this beer is a nice refreshing change to the super-hoppy ones. There is just the right amount of everything in this beer: the hops level, the orange tastes, and the toasted-ness.

The brewer says that it is inspired by (among others) Fat Tire. Let me tell you, I have drank many a beer from New Belgium Brewery and love their brews. But Fat Tire is my least favorite of theirs. Flat Earth’s Belgian Pale Ale far surpasses Fat Tire. Makes me proud to be a Minnesotan!

Very Very Good!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was offered a sample of Flat Earth Belgian Pale Ale from my buddy Jason Derusha – he read the label, sounded good, took a swig and fell in love with it. I found the lingering malt flavor quite tasty. If this beer were a meal, I’d call it thanksgiving. A sipping brew, savored rather than swilled, dark and flavorful. Worth sampling and sipping – though I don’t think I could guzzle more than one or two at a time.

A Brew52 First! My Wife and I Agree On This Beer

I know, stop the presses.  My whole bit has been the, “I hate this beer” and “My wife loves it” routine.  Well, more like, “I hate this beer” and Alyssa “doesn’t hate this beer.”  But I digress.

We really enjoyed the Flat Earth Pale Ale.  I reserved this beer at the Maple Grove liquor store,  Princeton’s, and have been saving it.  I’m glad I saved it for this occasion.  The occasion of reviewing it.

The finish is clean, there’s no aftertaste, the flavor is full and enjoyable.  I don’t usually like pale-ales, but I really liked this.  The label says this beer has hints of “raisin, cherry and toast.”  I really enjoyed the toast aspect of the beer.  Toast-tastic, as far as I’m concerned.  Toast-tastic.  I also like how they recommend pairing the beer with “steamed mussels, pizza, a rack of lamb, or even a char-grilled steak.”  I guess it goes with everything.

Anyway, this review has gone on too long.  My only regret is that I shared this beer with a fellow reviewer, Tim Furnish.  I wish I kept the whole thing for myself.

Seems to be a little of everything

This brew really is all mixed up. I guess that might be what you expect from something thats a belgin and a pale ale. It had a pretty thick texture and a mix of fruity taste with nice hoppy flavor. The strong flavor was a bit of a surprise, it reminded me a lot of that beer I helped make where the fuggle (end brewing hops) got left out. Almost no beer aroma at all but a decently strong flavor when you get to drinking.

It was still a bit sweet also but not nearly as much as the honey beers which was what made it drinkable, but for the most part I felt it was just a fairly average drink.

Unique and Tasty

This beer and others like it are the reason I really enjoy this site/festival. I wouldn’t normally go looking for a Belgian-style pale ale but I was quite surprised with how well the two styles mesh.

The guy on the label seems to be happy with this beer despite his impending, waterfall induced, death. I too would be less concerned about my watery grave with this fine beer in hand.

good drinkable belgian

Pretty good beer.  You instantly get the belgian yeast taste, with a little bitter bite from the hops.  It comes across as a little thin but I think its purposeful.  You just hear Belgian and expect to be assaulted with alcohol and yeast, instead you get a great easy drinking session beer.  You would have no problem drinking several of these with a nice big pizza.


I had a realization after my first sip of this Belgian Pale Ale: I’m not a fan of the style. I had one a month or so ago and was surprised that I didn’t really like it, blaming in on the brewery being relatively new and still working the kinks out. But then I had the newest offering from Brau Brothers Brewing, the Frame Straightener, also a Belgian Pale, and my reaction was the same: eh. It did get a little better towards the end of the bottle, after my palate had warmed, or maybe because I knew I had a Furious waiting for me.

That being said, I suppose it’s a pretty good representative of the style. The Belgian yeast comes through the mellow hops, and isn’t overwhelmed by the malts. And I guess that’s what I miss. I prefer a little more sugar in my Belgians, a little more comlexity, an ABV closer to eight or nine percent. Sure, you could have 2 or 3 of the FE Pale Ales, but after one, I was ready for something a little more interesting.

Good, not Great

I’m clearly not as witty as others on this board. So, sad…

But, this is a good beer. We had it with dinner and it paired nicely with BBQ, coleslaw, and mac n’ cheese. I think it would pair nicely with most food.

Universal food pairing does not make a great beer, just as universal food pairing doesn’t make a good wine. As has been said, it doesn’t have a lot of body, a great beer would. It just didn’t blow me away on any level.

Summed up, it is a good solid beer, but nothing amazing.

I dig it.

Cracked open a bottle with dinner tonight, great smell, nice head when poured into the glass.  The lady liked it, I liked it, the man sized bottle was gone quick.  It has a strong initial taste and is a very drinkable beer, I will be buying this again.

Purchased at Sid’s for $2.99 plus tax(if I remember correctly, receipt was lost)

Not bad, but not great either.

Nothing really jumped out at me and nothing really discouraged me with this beer. The first drink was okay but, I just became bored by the time I got half way through the beer.  I just kept feeling can I be done with this beer so I can try something else?  I am not really a big fan of Belgian beers – too sweet for me.  So, for me to give this style a beer a glowing review it would really have to jump out at me which this did not thus only 3 stars.  I have met the brewer who seems like a good fellow with a good product, I was more impressed with some of his other brews.

Great Beer!!

I have had this beer a few times and it must be my favorite from the flat earth collection.  Nice big taste, let’s you know you are drinking a beer.  I actually know Jeff, the brewer and founder of flat earth, through one of my friends.  He is a really great guy and you should look into taking a tour of his brewery.  I found it really educational.

The other white meat

It seems that most of the buzz in the beer world coming out of Minnesota is about Surly brewing but I think a lot of people are overlooking a great new brewery in Flat Earth. I’ve been able to taste test nearly all the beers they have brewed to date and there hasn’t been one yet that I didn’t like. The Belgian Pale Ale, being their first in a year round release, does not disappoint. I really think it does just what the name implies. It combines the best of a Belgian beer with just the hint of the pale ale. The taste doesn’t really jump your bones but is rather quite subtle and enjoyable. And the best part is after you pour a pint for yourself you can go back for seconds because of the nice big bottle 🙂

I had the lightbox up and running so I took a pic.

A Not So Flat Beer

Flat Earth Belgian Pale Ale…I really enjoyed this beer. I purchased a couple bombers at the Apple Valley liqueur store for $3.49 each. I didn’t get a chance to pour some out in a glass because I brought them out to the ice house but it sure did smell damn good in the bottle. You can taste a little of the hops but it’s not over done so you can enjoy a couple bottles in a sitting. No nasty after taste. Just 100% pure Belgian goodness. If you like Fat Tire then you will like the Flat Earth. I also tried the Flat Earth Element 115 (good stuff but I will leave that for another review).