Bocky Porter

This is more of a bocky porter than a portery bock, in my taste.  It pours nicely and looks promising, but the overall character of the beer leaves something to be desired.  Like most Cold Spring beer, it just lacks a little personality.  Now I’m not saying this is a bad beer, in fact, it was quite enjoyable.  It just sounds like a better idea on paper. 

solid, but not amazed

Bock? Porter? Both? Yes. They aren’t lying, that pretty much describes it. More malty than hoppy, but a good balance of the two. Very drinkable.

Maybe I’m the only one, but Cold Spring Brewery just seems….different without a solid identity. Maybe I’m just missing their marketing efforts. Beer and energy drinks out of the same place, though? No shame in making a dollar when you can, I guess. Watch out for the packaging of their hard lemonade.

Differently Malty

This beer is a bit different than most, their website states that it is 1/2 porter and 1/2 bock combined into one nice brown ale. Pours an interesting dark brown color with hints of rose when brought to light. The head on this beer is very minimal, under an inch and light in color. Aroma is interesting, traditional bock malt scents are predominate but it smells a tad bit like a porter. The flavor is even more strange than the scent, quite malty, almost sweet but more caramelized. The mix of these two beer styles gives a very different flavor, pretty decent, but a bit boring. Mouthfeel is medium. I’m glad I got only one of these beers in a mixed six pack, but I think after drinking a few in cooler weather this beer would potentially have a bit more to offer. If your a fan of malt or different brown ales this may suit your tastes. Always nice to try a Minnesota brand that I was previously unfamiliar with.

Appropriately named

I’m sitting here in the only cold room in the house (the one with the air conditioner) freezing my toes off at 11pm. So it seems appropriate to be sipping on a Cold  Spring Moonlight Ale. For that I can appreciate this craft brew. There wasn’t too much to the smell, and my first taste wasn’t as flavorful as I’d like, but it’s definitely better than Miller lite or MGD of which I drank plenty this past weekend while canoeing down Minnehaha Creek. So while I promised the wife that I’ll just have a sip, enough to write my review, I think I’ll finish it. And I can only say that because I know she won’t read this 🙂