I’m not Bitter

I’m not bitter about picking up this beer, but I am a little disappointed that I didn’t like it.  The Surly guys have the Midas touch when it comes to beer, yet I can’t really see myself ever buying the Bitter Brewer again.  The aroma and aftertaste was a bit too floral for my liking.  Sure, it’s got a clean crisp intial taste, but something about it just doesn’t turn my crank. 

Marmalade, no…iced tea, yes

I can’t help but think, every time I take my first sip, that this beer tastes like iced tea.  Not iced tea like you might have at a restaurant, and certainly not sweetened, but like the old fashioned sun tea where Mom used to take a big jug of water, put some tea bags in and then let it ssit out in the summer sun to brew for most of the day.  Very thirst quenching on a warm day!

Paddington Beer

Well, the can says it has hints of marmalade so this must be Paddington Bear’s favorite beer.  Why not couple alcoholism with an already odd addiction to an orange jelly?  He’s a bear in a raincoat!  Cute!

 The beer did have two distinct flavors:  the hop blast at the beginning followed by the flowery/fruityness.  It could pass as a marmalade flavor, I think.  Definitely a good summer beer. 

I think he’s a teddy bear…

…despite the long hair and the affinity for Satan’s music, I think Surly brewer Todd Haug is a softie and the “bitter” thing is just a front. I have a sinking suspicion that Todd was more bitter in the 80s while playing in the Twin Cities’ metal band, Powermad. But that’s just me. Of course he ain’t exactly emo, either.

On to the beer… Slightly toasty and earthy with some spiciness from the hops – this comes through in both the flavor and aroma. Pretty nice, though not exactly what you’d expect from an English Bitter (and that’s fine… no one is pretending that this is such a beer). Very drinkable. I threw three 4-packs of this beer in my messenger bag when my neighborhood liquor store started carrying it and either the dog started drinking beer or Dawn and I consumed the beer at a furious pace. Yum. Glad to see this in cans this year.

Damn good Bitter

Got myself a 4 pack of Surly Bitter at Apple Valley Liquors. They have a great selection of beer. I have loved every Surly that has passed my lips. The Bitter is no exception. It is a fine example of an English Bitter. Thank you Todd and Omar (the Surly guys). Can’t wait for Surly Cynic Ale in a couple weeks!

I can relate

Surly Bitter Brew is crisp and refreshing. I drank mine on a cold and rainy evening, and it was enjoyable, but I think it would be even better sitting outside in the hot sun. And by the beer being better I mean life would be better if it wasn’t raining every stupid day of the week. Anyway, it was comforting to spend some time with Surly Bitter Brew, especially since the can is covered with angry drawings, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. The best part was that I finished my glass, took the dog for a walk, came back and realized I still had a good 4 ounces of beer left in the can!