on sale

Funny, I found a four-pack on sale for <$5 too.  The beer was pretty good.  It’d probably be even better on a hot day.  I like the pint can, and the copy writer who squeezed out that blurb about the Bavarian aristocracy…etc. deserves a pat on the back for a particularly colorful paragraph.  The one thing that bugs me is that I think the dude on the can resembles someone from the railroad tycoon/robber baron era rather than a “Colonial” one.  Meh, he still looks like everyone’s favorite drinkin uncle.   

Decent Hefeweizen

I enjoyed this beer after mowing the lawn tonight which may result in a higher then normal rating. Almost any beer tastes good after mowing the lawn.

I’m not a big fan of Hefeweizen but I thought this was a decent beer. There is a slight taste of hops when you first sip the beer and a smooth finish. I like the design of the can. Judging by his mustache, the guy on the can is related to Rett in some way. Maybe that’s why he picked this pub pint for review.

A hidden gem?

I really want to find a Cold Spring beer that I like. And it seems likely that among the many different lines they produce that there would be a hidden gem. So when I found the Colonial Pub Pints I was pretty excited. They come in tall cans (just like Surly!) and the labels feel right with their old time mustachio’d gentlemen. But the Hefeweizen is still lacking something, and I can only describe it as tasting watered down.

Now when I purchased the four pack at Surdyk’s I saw the Colonial Pub Pint Old Johnny Ale variety as well. It was on a display that said “Manager’s Choice,” and at the sale price of $4.50 I picked up a four pack of it as well. So I’m still holding out hope that I’m going to find something I really like.