Gluek Honey “buck”

Man this stuff is cheap.  Not bad, wish I has just just finished mowing the lawn, and sucked a few of these down, to truly appreciate this beer in its element.  Maybe I could crack open a hole in the lake, stick a pole down, pretend to fish, and get drunk off this stuff.  It is what you expect and maybe better, but if you expect this to be “beer enthusiest good”, might as well get the heck out of the fridge section where this stuff lives, it keeps some scary company.  Hey Fat Cat used to be a MN brewed beer, and that is truly CRAP !

Gluek’s beer flavored water

Really, I don’t want to be too mean because every brewmaster probably has their baby, and I’m sure this beer is someone’s… but I think they need to spend a little more time figuring out how to make this a ‘real beer’ – not beer-flavored water.

I’m giving it 2 stars because it’s not as bad as the cheap beers – but what else is there? I caught a faint whiff of honey, but otherwise it just tasted like a beer trying to move out of cheap status.

Meh, meh and double meh!

This beer would be fine if you were trapped at your uncle the cheap drunk’s house without an alternative.  This is one of those beers, that is best served as cold as possible.  When it is very cold, you taste nothing, then a sweet taste.  This is pure alcohol delivery device, and as such it has few other redeeming characteristics.  I like a little flavor with my alcohol.   To sum up I would not seek it out and I would not purchase it.   Thanks to Cassie and CJ for delivering this to me.  

Looking for a great bock beer? Keep looking.

If you listen to the Twins on the radio, the only way to enjoy a ball game outside of actually going in person, you’ve heard the relentless ads for Gluek’s Honey Bock – several times a night. And yet, I managed to go all of last season without having one (ah, the power of advertising). So I was kinda excited to see this on the list so I could see if it’s worth sitting on the porch this summer with a few in the cooler while the game’s on (pitchers and catchers report Feb 14!) The answer…not really.

While I will say this beer isn’t terrible, once you get past the first swig (bleh), it’s not one I want to have over and over for 9 innings. I don’t know how many Bock beers Dan Gladden’s had, but somehow I don’t think he cares (think quantity, not quality). Too much honey, not enough Bock if you ask me. Had this been a Shiner Honey Bock, I might have been more forgiving, but Gluek’s doesn’t carry a lot of weight with me as a brewery (or an establishment).  Still, better than the Snow Storm from last week.

Could be worse.

I gave it a 3 based on the 5.8% and the 9 dollars plus tax I paid for the 24 of ’em.  I took them to a party with a few other guys and we drank them all, they get better with the quantity you drink.  It is a fine beer to get drunk off of while fishing, playing poker, or Guitar Hero.  I would buy it again for the quantity, not quality.

Paid $9.14 plus tax at Sid’s in Bloomington.


From first sight, I knew it would not be love. Beers in a can always disappoint, no matter how many times I try to turn them into shining knights of armor. They taste of cold metal, give me a slow-dripping buzz, and then leave me the next morning with a headache and low self-esteem. This one was even more deceiving…”Just gimme a chance, baby,” it whispered, hot and seductive in my ear. “I’m honey-coated. You like honey, don’t you, baby…”

Never again, Gluek. I’m over you. This was one one-night-stand I won’t want to remember on those long lonely sober nights.

Glueks Honey wonderful honeybarf

Open can, drink liquid, puke honey beer in mouth, admire the cheap case of glee puke beer.

This beer made me think two things.

1. Holy shit, this is gross.

2. Wow, I’m drunk, lets party with some honey.

Who decided this was good? Because the last time I threw up, I never thought it would be good to add honey to it, ferment it and call it beer. But for 11 bucks a case, I’ll put myself to bed.

3. I like lists and the numbers that go with them.

4. Get used to it.



Second favorite honey beer (of 2 I’ve tried)

I was surprised that this was so cheap ($6.99/12 pack) until I tasted it.  It smelled and tasted like a cheap beer.  Once I poured it into a glass the smell got a little better, but I still didn’t like the taste.  I think the honey is in there just to try to cover up the harsh taste.  For the record, the other honey beer I’ve tried is Leinie’s Honey Weiss.

Dear Mr. Honey Bock, we have had some good times.

This one takes me back. Back to a time when worries were hard to come by and so was the beer. There was a time when I would sneak a couple Honey Bocks and no complaints were heard from me. This is not one of those times. I have the freedom of choice and Mr. Honey Bock you are not one of them.

While we had some good times and some bad, after the memories had gone there really isn’t much to say about this beer. It really isn’t awful but it’s not good either. There is one thing I can say “Mr. Honey Bock it’s not me, it’s you.” I thank you for the good times but your weak flavor and your not so great aftertaste is not enough to keep this relationship going.

Barkeep, get me a Mich Light!

$9.99/ case…….what a…

I was unaware that this beer was so cheap until reading reviews on the site. But after tasting it, I had a good idea why. It wasn’t horrible, but I was glad that I hadn’t bought a whole case. Poured into a glass it had a nice color. It went down smooth, but there wasn’t anything remarkable that would make me desire to keep drinking more than one.

I’m giving it an average rating due to it’s cheap and it tasted better than other beers I have had in the past….like Mountain Crest (ewwww!).

Taking me to a place… I’ve already imagined

At first sight I noticed it’s frothiness, it replied with a beseeching gaze. It was definitely dark, although with a tinge of redness, yet not too thick–it must know me quite well! After exchanging glances I finally took it by the glass and sipped from its heaving… okay, enough with the starry-eyed allusions.  Upon further examination I found the Gluek Honey Bock very tasty, delicious even. It was savory yet not as strong and filling as it appears (I enjoy most beers light in colored and wheaty). Having my fair share of Gluek beers I can definitely say that every one has been well-rounded, tasty and… expected. In every way it meets expectations but in those same areas it doesn’t kick it up a notch. Although not from the land of the rising sun it can be compared to a Toyota: always reliable, logical  but never innovative. But just like most weekends that’s exactly what I need.

Not bad, but not good either

I will admit I have a fairly unsophisticated beer palette–which might be the reason why I enjoyed this beer. Because of the rich color, I was expecting a more powerful flavor. Maybe it was the honey, but it tasted much lighter than it appeared. However, this beer didn’t have anything special to offer, that is anything a miller lite or any standard light beer can’t provide so I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

‘Gluek’s de beer in de silver can, it taste de best?’

The first words out of my mouth were. “mm, tastes like aluminum.” (We got the canned version, but despite pouring in glasses, still tasted metallic. Perhaps our local establishment does not move a great deal of this product either.) That aside, it was disappointingly much like a Milwaukie’s best ice with a smattering of caramel malt to disguise the fact. :-/ It is what it is. One could do worse, and it may prove an effective gateway beer, but not likely for those who would be inclined to engage in the reviewing of beers.

Completely Unremarkable

I’ve reviewed this one before. I found it as meh then as I do now.

It wasn’t good. At all. But it wasn’t particularly bad, either. A hair on the positive side of completely neutral. Inoffensive, but not inspiring. I did enjoy the pour. Nice looking in a pint gas with a couple inches of head. (I can’t stand to drink anything out of a can, so I had to transfer it.)

In one word: average.

There is just nothing to really distinguish this brew other then the can. It has very little flavour, it’s a bit too sweet (but the name says honey beer so thats expected) and other then that it’s quite plain. This is the kinda beer I’d buy for a century club and not feel bad if it didn’t all stay down by the end. And it has the advantage of being bland enough that your not especially beer fond girlfriend might be willing to slam a glass or two as well.

I sampled this one 5 mins after getting home from work and it felt decently refreshing and left me in a good mood, so it’s getting a 3 star rating for doing what beer does best.

A Decent Rental

Listen. When you tear open a 24-pack suitcase of brewskies and crack into a can, you know what you’re in for. So let’s all stop judging Gluek Honey Bock against that darling little ale we sipped at that quaint pub while we were off on holiday, and start judging it for what it is. This here’s canned beer, and damned good canned beer at that.

This beer was never intended to be sipped, sampled, savored, or paired with any kind of food unless the food came from a gas station. This beer is made for drinking, preferably in large quantities, and not from a glass, either.

I’ve still got two-thirds of a case left, and I can promise you that there will be empty Gluek cans all over my yard by week’s end. It’s not great beer by any means, but among the cheap varieties you use to get drunk on, it’s a good beer to rent.

The perfect beer for people who don’t like beer

My first impression of the Honey Bock was a stale diet coke mixed with pie. The only thing weaker than the taste is the finish. It’s like puddle water.  It just did not taste or feel like a beer at all. It also gave me a whopper of a headache, which is weird because beer never gives me a headache.

The only positives I can give it are the cost, the 5.80% abv and the pretty can.

I still drank three of them.

garage parties and classic rock …

i knew i wasn’t going to hate this beer as soon as i smelled it on my boyfriend’s breath. it starts like natty light, with a honey kick. just a notch classier than the stuff we learned to drink beer on. maybe something to serve to friends on a special occasion at a party in your garage. it made me think of michelob honey lager — do they even make that anymore? — although not as thick.

smells like college

How can you not like a beer that smells like college, no matter what school you went to. This beer smells in particular like when I would visit my friends in Grand Forks, ND. Thats the smell of cheap beer, beer that tasted strong when you first started drinking, but now tastes like water since you’ve become a total alcoholic.

I had no pretense for Glueks Honey Bock and it didn’t disappoint. While the smell reminds me of college, the taste is like aged Miller Lite. Theres not a chance in hell that I would buy this beer over any other better cheap beers, but it was a fun one to review and reminisce.

So Bee it.

For being a bulk beer at a cheap price, it actually does quite well for a poor(er) man’s honey weiss. I was actually pleasantly surprised with it’s richness. If only they added 8 more cans to the 24 pack then we as a consumer could match Danny Gladden’s (as ryan pointed out it being the former left fielder’s “fave”) former uni number and then maybe we could then get paid to say we like it just like Danny is paid to say he likes it. So what the hell, Go Twins!

Cheap Beer

A two star beer for me is something I would drink socially but never buy myself. My initial reaction, after I had taken my first taste out of the can, was that this beer is a two.  But after pouring it in a glass, drinking a little more, and perhaps thinking a little too much about it I decided that the taste, low cost, and the Ram on the Can bump this beer up to a three.

That said with 23 cans of this stuff left, a new beer to drink next week, and plenty of home brew in the cellar I need to invite some friends over this weekend!

Better than last week.

I have to say, I rather enjoyed this beer. Maybe it was because I was comparing it to the last beer I had – the beer from week one.  It was quite smooth, although if I had to drink all 24 cans that they forced me to purchase, I’m pretty sure that I would never drink it again. I would consider buying it again once in a while if they offered a six pack.

Far from greatness

I had never tried gluek’s before and was pretty excited since the twelve pack i found was something like $6.00.  Well there was a reason it was so cheap.  The first half of the beer was tough to choke done but did get better into the second.  If you are looking for some cheap beer for a party, this is your beer but if you want something tasty you may have to wait until next week.

The Blood of the Ram

I had to take a moment to admire the stout graffic on the can before imbibing the nectar within.  The bold ram stamped on the side excited me. “This heady mead will surely release a animalistic power within that i have until now been unable, or unwilling to embody” I thought.  Well, I would probably have to drink 6 or 7 of these to get my animal side raging, and for the price I am sure it would be a good investment.  I am no beer snob, i would buy a case Gluek for a guy’s night.

Relied on my memory

Glueks Honey Bock has in the past been one of my summer session beers, something I could drink 2 or 3 of in a night along side some homebrews and not get totally plowed. After reading the reviews here I will admit I didn’t want to go out and throw $10 or $12 down for 24 cans of some crap beer, especially when it’s likely to just take up space in my basement until a hot July day.

So I didn’t. I will concur with the other reviews, and agree that yes, you get what you pay for with Gluek’s. But really, it’s a pretty good beer to drink after mowing the lawn or playing a few rounds of disc golf. At least that’s what my memory tells me.  But seeing that I’m a big ol’ cheater (and cheap), and can’t actually comment on the beer that I just drank for the review, maybe it has gone hill in the last year and is actually on par with Busch Light and Miller Lite.

At least you save a few bucks with Glueks HB and are able to support a local brewery.

Goes down smooth, disappointing finish.

This beer falls somewhere between Miller Light, Amber Bock, and Honey Weiss . . . if that’s at all possible. However, for as smooth as it goes down, it’s disappointing and boring overall. The can scared me . . . I can venture a guess that a 25 year old woman was not their target audience . . . perhaps it was more along the lines of HopScotch’s demographic. Either way, if I wanted a beer to go down like water, I would keep it real with Miller Lite – Milwaukee pride, baby!

I’m not in love…

…with this beer. Surely Dan Gladden can’t be wrong, can he? This beer pours into the glass as a dark amber color with a nice, off-white two-finger head that quickly disappears. It sure looks pretty. Caramel malts are in the aroma, however slight. Not much else there other than some other sweetness in the aroma. So far so good… it’s a bock, after all, right? The taste is sweet… a little caramel comes through, but not really much more aside from the alcohol bite. There’s not much body, either.

I imagine that I would have liked this when I was younger, back in the day when our local watering hole featured “Schmidt Dark” and when Michelob Amber Bock actually seemed interesting to me. It’s a clean beer, just not for me.


Crap! We just spent $12.99 at South Lyndale and someone else got it for $9.99.  Double-crap that it’s total crap!  You can taste the honey, and there’s the slightest hint of bitterness when you first taste the beer, but there is zero finish.  The finish is…oh…water perhaps?  Nasty.  We, like Aaron said, would be willing to make the huge and incredibly generous sacrifice of offering the remainder of our 22 beers to whoever would enjoy them.  That’s just the kinda folks we are….

24 Can Mistake

Friend and I decided to pick up some of this at Minnehaha Liquors after a few drinks at the Town Talk Diner. They only had 24 packs. We asked if they had a 6-pack or a 12-pack, they didn’t, and we figured “well, we’ve gone this far…” and got it. Invited another friend over to enjoy. We all tried it for a bit and my, this beer we did not like.  I think it’d be fun if I was ice fishing though. It’s like someone took a cheep beer and dumped a candy carmel in it. Yeah. That’s how I’ll describe it. I have a bunch of cans left if anyone wants to stop over at my house and have free beer. Drop me a note.

A little bit of nothing

To be honest- I had to pour the beer out of the can into a nice frosty glass to tease my tastebuds into thinking it wasn’t just another canned beer.  It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad.  It was like Miller lite with a twist (but not a bad twist like Miller Chill).  If there was a night that I knew I was going to do a  lot of heavy drinking (possibly building my own beer can pyramid) Gluek’s Honey Bock might be my beer o’ choice.

but doesn’t hang up the phone

My dad was a camp director. Every summer until I was 17, my family would pack up and move to the shores of beautiful Lake Mudhen near Siren, WI. (Are you paying attention, KM?)

Sometime around 1980, we got a brand new dining hall/bathroom facility and with it, a new septic tank. Previously, too many flushes in the old bathrooms and/or our neighbor draining his sewage into/under camp property would prove to be too much for the old septic tank and it would occasionally overflow. I can still remember raw sewage trickling down the hill. My dad dubbed it the Little Yellow River, a nod to the Yellow River, where we sometimes took the campers canoeing.

An Unfortunate Beer

Am I too picky?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Either way, Gluek’s Honey Bock is not delicious.  At first I thought it tasted like Busch Lite, and so I wondered, “Jason.  Is this beer cheaper than Busch Lite? If so, maybe that’s something.”

Of course, there is no circumstance under which I would buy Busch Lite, so it turns out, it’s nothing.

My wife’s review, of course, is polar opposite of mine.  She took one taste and said, “Not bad.”  I said, “Try another taste.”  She said, “Still not bad.”

If causes my marriage to fall apart, so help me God, I will hunt you down and kill you, Rett.

In conclusion, this beer is better than horrible.

Pretty Gross

Well, it has a pretty color and it is cheap.  But, it tastes gross and is getting worse as it gets warm.  The smell is alright, but it is sort of offensive in my mouth.  It just doesn’t taste good. I like my cheap beers to taste more like nothing, but this has a strong taste.  It also has an aftertaste, which a cheap beer should never have.

But, if I’m going to be honest, this is significantly better than I thought it would be.  I thought it would taste like honey piss, but I can’t even taste the honey.

I know I’m not being specific, but there is something I just don’t like.  It tastes wrong.

Now that’s a can!

Nice Ram head looking for the next wise-ass to bust skulls with. I love the sub-title, “Royal Select.” I can just imagine kings and queens of old scrutinizing this Honey Bock. The flavor is OK. After all it is beer and I’ll drink it, I do like the subtle honey flavor. Though I wish I hadn’t rated SnowStorm so low because this is definitely not as good as that, but I’m saving the 1/2 star rating for if we ever review Rolling Rock.  It’s not really a beer to have with dinner, or really a beer to have while watching the game (though I am watching the BCS Championship) The only place I can think of  where drinking this beer would be suitable is after bustin’ skulls with that ram. 

And I’m off and running

Well after a slow start to this awesome idea (I missed out on last week) I’m glad to say I just enjoyed a Gluek’s Honey Bock with lunch.  I was first introduced to this beer at a family reunion, not long after turning 21.  Now I had known of the Gluek’s brand, as it was a common staple in my dad’s fridge growing up, but never heard of the Honey Bock variety.

Tasted from a can (as pouring a beer of this quality into a glass just seems odd) the beer at first has the slightest bit of a malty aroma but dissipates quite quickly.   After pouring some out “for my dead homies” it appears to be of an amber kinda light brown color.  The taste is pretty watered down but rather quite enjoyable especially with the grilled cheese sandwich I’m eating at the same time.

In all fairness I once did a blind taste testing with my friends comparing this beer to our neighbor to the east’s Honeyweiss and it won out on all three tastings.  Now for some that might not be saying much but as a fan of honey beers I enjoy both.

Another fun fact about Gluek’s is that they are the nations second largest supplier of Energy Drinks brewing items such as Rock Star and Monster Energy drinks.

And bonus points that the liquor store near my house does sell this beer in singles.

Good beer for the value

Not a bad beer in a pinch. $9.99 for a 24 pack you almost can’t go wrong. Plus it has a 5.80% ABV. I would have to characterize Gluek Honey Bock as a sportsmans/college beer like Miller Lite, Busch Light, Mich Golden Light etc.  It’s cheap, you can drink a lot of it and it will do the job as intended. It was a little watered down and lacked a full body taste but what else would you expect from a $.42 can of beer.

the perfect morning beer

This morning I found myself doing something out of the ordinary because of a WordPress technical limitation. The week 2 beer page will only show up if there is a post associated with it. So what’s a not-too-techy guy like me going to do? Certainly not hack the code in WordPress, but rather hack the code to my morning routine by adding a line that says “if it’s Monday morning, insert Gluek Honey Bock into mouth and write a review.” Continue reading the perfect morning beer