line ’em up

Put a Schell Maifest and a Summit Maibock side by side last night, in an effort to get caught up around here.

They looked about the same, pretty blonde color, decent head on both. Nice mouthfeel, excellent flavor (I like the maibocks). No disappointments with either one. The Maifest was a little sweeter than the Maibock.

Both these beers appropriately provide a great transition from my winter beer preference (dark, heavy and sweet) to my summer beer preference (lighter, hoppier). I’m pretty happy that we have more around the house.

To Style

Mai Bocks are a sure sign of spring and summer to come, especially in Minnesota: They’re released in March, and you start looking forward to the Hefeweizens and Saisons–and then wham! you get 8 more inches of snow. I’ve been ready to leave the bock season for a couple weeks now, including the 2 or 3 I brewed myself, so it’s hard to finish this Mai Bock.  With that, I think this nails the style. Strong, yet easy to drink with a nice sweet aftertaste. I have found that I prefer the darker bocks like dopples, so while I drank the entire bottle of Summit Maibock, I didn’t enjoy it!

Summit does it again

Been a long time summit EPA fan but haven’t really branched out to try many of their other flavors.  I was way disappointed with the winter ale, the plum/raisin taste was nasty, but the maibock is especially great.  Nice full flavor that leaves you wanting more.  I found myself not being able to put the bottle down since I just wanted to keep tasting it.  Too bad I only had one.  So I am off to the liquor store for more!!

Mai oh Mai

First of all, I must start off by saying that Maibocks aren’t exactly my favorite types of beer, so I have a difficult time judging them.  The Summit Maibock, while in my opinion is better than the Maifest,  still leaves something to be desired.  It is a bit on the sweet side, and lacks the hops to really make a mark on the palate.  I really can’t say much more about it, except that it isn’t really something that I would drink very frequently and would probably only order one if the alternatives are domestic light beers.