I’m really surprised by how much I liked this one. It’s very flavorful. Tastes like summer. Citrus-y? Love the clean finish. I’m having it with leftovers from the grill. Out on the deck, by the cooler, with that charcoal smell in the air and a pair of giant tongs in my hand would definitely be the way to drink the MaiFest. Just as soon as it warms up.

line ’em up

Put a Schell Maifest and a Summit Maibock side by side last night, in an effort to get caught up around here.

They looked about the same, pretty blonde color, decent head on both. Nice mouthfeel, excellent flavor (I like the maibocks). No disappointments with either one. The Maifest was a little sweeter than the Maibock.

Both these beers appropriately provide a great transition from my winter beer preference (dark, heavy and sweet) to my summer beer preference (lighter, hoppier). I’m pretty happy that we have more around the house.

Back to the taps!

I have been a little distracted in my beer consumption lately. My favorite haunt, Washington Square in White Bear Lake has a promotion going where you drink 20 of their bottle beers and get a t-shirt. I got the t-shirt. I immediately went back to tap beer to have a Schell’s Maifest. I liked it as a good middle of the road beer. It wasn’t totally bland but it didn’t have a hit you in the face beer taste either. Of course, my palate may have been off due to the other beers I had just consumed along with the enchiladas.

A bite of springtime

Good ol’ August Schell, our standby, our stalwart, keeping the German styles going for nigh on 150 years. Good ol’ gold and green MaiFest label…the bottle’s open and now I drink…Clear, golden hue, big, lasting, creamy white head…loverly… Sweet malty nose, apples and cereal husks, with whiffs of honey…wow, a lot going on here. Shines bright in the nose, but in the taste… beautiful. Tons of fresh malty flavor, but never too heavy, very drinkable, and floods of flavor keeps rolling in…Crisp and delicious…lays on the palate a bit, then softly drifts away. Seems better than I remember it…are these guys improving after nearly a century and a half? Haiku #8 (for week 14? I’ve got catching up to do!)Though April showers/may come your way, drink the beer /that they brew for May.

excellent brew

Before I picked up the Schell’s Maifest I hadn’t tried a maifest beer in a couple years because I thought the last time I tried one I didn’t really like it. My tastes must have changed since then because I think this beer is great. I’m not a fan of wheat beers, which is what I thought maifest would be, but it says on the bottle that its a ‘full bodied blond double bock’ which sounds like how it tastes.

oh Mai,

Well that was nice.  I just finished a Maifest and am happy it didn’t sneak up and whack me with a drunk-bat like other Maibocks I’ve had.  This one was sweet, not hoppy but still interesting to drink.  I expected a pretty tame version of this style of beer from Schell’s and was pleasantly surprised at the actual product. 

MY Fest

First… this isn’t my favorite style. Second… that being said, I think this is one of the better examples of the style. Rogue’s Dead Guy is probably one of the more well-known domestic examples, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Maifest. The beer is very clear and golden in color with a nice white head. I smell floral hops as well as some toasty (biscuit?) malt. More of the same comes through in the flavor along with some caramel sweetness. If I loved maibocks, I’d drink this often.

This is, like, children’s beer.

Seriously. I can totally see someone getting wrecked on this in high school or college (see review below) because that’s exactly what it tastes like. Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Boone’s Farm. Peach schnapps. SoCo. Lime vodka. Jello shots. Schell Maifest. It fits in well with the lineup.

If you’re looking for a beer that doesn’t cause you to make your “beer face” with every sip, this might be it. It’s really sweet, and fruity in a gross way, not a good way. So start drinking Schell Maibock today, and who knows, by next fall you might work your way up to that keg of Icehouse in the basement.

Reminds me of…

If there is one thing I can tell you: serve this beer cold.  Ice – cold.  Then, as you get further down the bottle you’ll get slightly buzzed you won’t mind the taste so much.

I’m biased.  One night in college I drank a sixer of this and a 5th of peppermints schnapps and ruined a couch.  Needless to say this beer brings back bad bad bad memories.

Colder the better though.

I’m giving it a three because it’s got decent flavor and no hops.  I’d probably give it a two but I’m trying to make up for my bias.

I suppose it’s close enough to Mai…

…to start enjoying some Maifest.  The Loon already has it on tap, so I reckoned I’d give it a try at last Friday’s happy hour.  A decent hoppy aroma gives this blondey a better than expected flavor that goes down smooth and bitterness-free.  I happened to drink the Maifest right after a Newcastle, so my bias (and residual taste) was difficult to overcome.  Another enjoyable, albeit unspectacular offering from the Schell’s folks.  Next time I’ll drink it with a clean palate and see what I think of it then.  3 out of 5 ain’t bad, though.