I love potatoes!

But I’d rather sip on a cup of mashed ones with gravy than to drink this crapola.  Weak flavor, flat, and has a crummy aftertaste.  It doesn’t help that my first experience with Finnegan’s is when I ordered it at a half-ass Irish pub (Kip’s in St. Louis Park) and caught major attitude from a 1/4-ass waitress.  Maybe that’s the bad taste in my mouth, nope, wait, it IS the beer.  Boo this beer.  BOO! My rating is extremely generous at 1.5

mighty battle

My grandmother’s maiden name was Sullivan. Her father dropped the O’ when he came to the US.

In ancient times, the O’Sullivans of Tipperary and the Finnegans of Galway were enemies. Something about a Finnegan goat that went missing. Despite the distance between them, the Finnegans blamed an O’Sullivan and it sparked a bloody feud that lasted well into the 16th century.

As a descendant of the O’Sullivans, I was eager to do battle with this beer called Finnegans. It made very little sense and I stopped midway through. No, wait. That was Finnegans Wake.

Upon further reflection, I take that back. I, of course, am talking about Ulysses. Yes, I did mighty battle with Ulysses and lost.

But I rather enjoyed the beer.

Bonus Points!!!

Brewed with Potatoes sounds more interesting than the end result, at least to my taste buds, but this beer gets major bonus points for donating the profits to local charities! It also gets bonus points for the Finnegan Lasses (http://www.finnegans.org/sitepages/pid121.php)! Now I better go drink some more before my wife starts questioning me about those lasses!

Back at it and top o’ the morning to you

No, I didn’t take off for Lent although it seems like it. I finally got around to going to the liquor store and picked up something on the list. I bought the Finnegans and love it. I have had it before and when I want a beer that doesn’t hit you on the side of the head and say “you just drank a beer”, it is Finnegans. I has just enough taste to be called a beer but doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste. I also find it different enough to be interesting.

Charity = Good! Beer = Eh.

So it’s super-cool that Finnegan’s gives all their profits to charity. I’d rather buy a Finnegan’s than a Miller Lite, for example, for that very reason. So if you’re looking for an eh beer, and you want to feel better about yourself, buy this beer.

This beer did nothing for me. I considered not finishing it, but then considered that I spent $1.49 on the bottle, so I reconsidered and drank it. The taste was a little too bitter.

Completely Average

Kinda thin. Zero finish. If someone just handed me a pint glass, I would probably assume it’s something on par with what they serve the 19-year-old Americans in Canadian border cities. I might drink a second one if it appeared in front of me, but that would be my limit.

And while it’s not overly enjoyable in and of itself, I think it would go great with your standard pub fare. I’d gladly toss it back with some Shepherd’s Pie.

A very good beer

I tasted Finnegan’s for the first time about a year ago and liked it quite a bit then.  I was equally as pleased with the beer this time around as well.  It’s got a familiar Summit taste, which I really dig, but a bit more mellow.  In my book they get four stars just for giving so much money to charity but luckily the beer is good as well.

Better in the Bottle

It is rare when I would say the beer out of the bottle is better then beer on tap but this little beer is one of them.  I originally had this in the bottle and though it had a nice taste and I had no problems drinking another.  However, on tap the potato taste was much more prevalent, it was decent but not great.  If I just had tried it out of the bottle I would have rated 4 stars.

Summit Extra Bland

One of the bars I frequent most has Finnegan’s on tap for cheap, and I usually order it there as a price/taste compromise. I’ve always found it to have the signature Summit taste, but with far less hoppiness and less flavor overall. Still, it’s a nice beer. I had no idea about the potatoes until I read some of the other reviews, and now as I’m sitting here writing this, sipping on a bottle of Finnegan’s, I can vaguely taste it and now I’m beginning to think it’s kind of gross. Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.

Finnegans: Irish for Beer

I thought it was only fair to sample this week’s beer on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not usually impressed with Irish themed food and drink. I don’t like corned beef and cabbage or Jameson whiskey or Killian’s Irish Red but Finnegans has broken that cycle.

Finnegans is a great session ale without an over indulgence of hops. I think Rett was right about the crisp, creamy taste and I like that the profits go to charity. The only bad part is that TurboTax doesn’t accept my charitable purchase of Finnegans as tax deductible. Must be a bug.

Happy St Patty’s Day!

I had a lot of different “Irish” drinks over the weekend: Irish Eyes, Black and Tan’s, Black and Blues, and Finnegans. Finnegans was by far the best session drink. Our fridge was extra full so we left the 12 pack of Finnegans outside during the day and then just had it sitting on the kitchen table for the evening. I found Finnegans to be much tastier as it warmed up a bit. I use this term probably too often, but I thought it tasted creamy. I wish I could say that I tasted the potato, but really it was just a nice light and crisp amber beer. I’ll definitely be having another one today.