Pils popper

Per usual, the Schell folks put out a good, not great, beer that is light in flavor and easy to drink.  I can’t think of much to say about this offering, except that I prefer it to the typical domestic light beers.  A little more body, a lot better flavor, and overall a more satisfying bottle of suds.  A good balance of malt and hops.  I will drink it again.

I drink your pilsner! I drink it up!

In a Flat Earth pint glass (too lazy to search the cabinet for a proper pilsner glass), it’s a clear golden color, lovely white head, starts proud and slips down in size. Flowery aroma, and the hops are happening, clean and level headed.Drinking it…smooth, even, mild, and watery. Tidy bitter smack from the Hallertau hops right up, and then they slide back and merge with the water and disappear down the throat without a thought. Hops return with each sip and enjoy a nice visit on the palate each time. Light bodied, easy drinking, and right on for style. Almost perfect. And I’m no huge fan of lagers or pilsners, but this suits just fine. Haiku #7:  Czech town of Plzn / birthplace of clear, golden beer / look what you started!


My first taste was not that great.  After a few more sips I was able to picture myself sitting on the patio on a very hot day in July with the Schell Pilsner in my hand.  Since today was not a hot day in July it was just ehh.  To be honest, the more I think about it, on a hot day in July I am more likely to have a hefeweizen in my hand, so I’ll rate it a 3 as I’m not likely to try it again.  It had a bit of a sweet honey taste that I kind of enjoyed but not too much.  


Right now it’s late at night and I’m watching a Fatboy Slim concert on a beach somewhere in England circa 2002. It’s just as, if not more, stimulating than the Schell’s Pilsner I happen to be drinking. This beer’s taste is a throwback to keg beer and plastic cups, only light years better for two reasons: #1- it is better. Better taste, better quality, and a better experience overall knowing it comes from a regional brewer.   #2 – I’ve come to appreciate history and knowing where a beer came from – in other words, I know brewing a pilsner would require a level of maintenance than I’m not up for just yet.  I respect that.

Still, the show and the camera shots switching in tune to the music is what is grabbing my attention now because the beer is good but not my style.  Sadly, techno is not terribly refreshing and would not as effectively…oh, say…cool a sunburn after a summer day of canoeing.  That’s where I see this beer fitting in well. 

Best not to think about it.

Schell’s Pils is the kind of beer that’s fine if you’re just drinking it. I could see myself grabbing one out of a tub of ice at a house party, swigging it, and thinking it was a pretty good beverage.

But if you stop swigging and start “tasting,” you quickly realize it’s not so hot. It’s kind of sour as opposed to bitter — not a flavor I’m fond of in a beer. My advice is to buy it in the sampler 12-pack where you only have to suffer through 2 bottles of it. Drink the Caramel Bock first, then move on to the other stuff when you’re too buzzed to care. Keep the 2 bottles of rancid SnowStorm in the back of your fridge for when your brother-in-law visits.

Looks great in a ditch!

I love the Schell logo and branding. The deer junk they’ve been doing over the past few years is fantastic. The Pilsner label stands up to all the other Schell labels in its awesomeness and the bottle cap design is even slightly more ass-kicky. But what really makes a beer great is how its bottle or can holds up in a ditch over a Minnesota winter.

I, as a former beer can collector, can say that Schell is the shit! I picked many a Schell can out of the ditches in west central Minnesota. For xmas on year, my mom bought some weird plastic wall mount racks so I could display my collection (to myself). My bedroom smelled like musty, stanky, stale beer.  Some of that stank was from a fine variety of Schell cans collected in the late 70s.

And the beer is GREAT to drink in moderation. Props to my old pal Dave who is a brewmaster at Schell. Go Dave!

I’m going to go grab another

I am just finishing up my second Schell Pilsner and man I feel good. I think it helps that I also just watched two episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with some coworkers. That is some funny stuff. Anyway, I have to agree with most of the reviews…this is a good classic pilsner. I’ve been on such a “drink good beer only” kick (ie. always trying new varieties that cost too much) that I’ve forgotten what a traditional beer tastes like. And let me tell you, it tastes good. I’m going to go grab another.

Not bad in a pinch

A decent blue collar pilsner.  Normally when I want to get an easy drinking Schell’s I’ll grab a case of Deer beer or Dark but I started drinking more of the Pilsner when my boss made it his drink of choice for a few months.  To close out the day we’d on occasion suck back a bottle or two.

Also when picking up my supplies for this month I made my first trip to Heritage Liquor in Maplewood.  I met the owner and the beer buyer and they were both great guys.  They were talking about expanding their cooler space to keep even more craft and specialty beers on hand cool.  I think that would be a great idea.  They have premade six packs just for Brew52 beers.

Check them out next time you are in the area (map)

Average Pilsner

I picked up the Schell sampler pack last night since the only other option was a 12-pack and I don’t like pilsners enough to justify that. I thought the beer was an average pilsner with maybe a little more hops than average. The rest of the sampler pack sounded more interesting, I can’t wait for Caramel Bock week.

It’s just good.

And by saying that I mean that its not bad and its not fabulous and its really not anything special…

its just good.

I feel like if someone really pressured me and I was camping or at the cabin or floating down the river in a canoe and someone forced me into drinking a 6 pack, I may choose Schell Pilsner.

Real Good

This is how a pilsner should taste.

I generally don’t drink pilsners. They tend to taste like ass once they warm up a slight bit. They also tend to come in cans and kegs and get drunk by non-snobby people. My kind of people tend to be the snobby kind.

But this is a good beer. It has a nice color and a great taste. It is refreshing and balanced. I wish I could hand out bottles of it to people drinking crappy pilsners and say, “This is what your beer is suppose to taste like. Please have a beer that tastes like this when I come over next time.”

Standard Schell’s tribute

Schell rarely disapoints me (Please Rett consider adding Hauenstein to the list!)  This beer is a great slammer with enough flavor to please picky beer people.  I’d say this should be served in more bars and at more parties.  A good amount of hops for people who don’t like hops.  Very well balanced beer, with a slight lean toward a mid- to – end- pallate maltiness.

YAY POP TOP!  Screw off caps suck.