A staple

Every year I look forward to the arrival of Summit Winter, enjoy it for the season and am ready to move on by the end.  When the beer hits the palate, the roasted sweetness (especially after warming up a bit) stands out.  Chocolate, caramel and coffee come to mind immediately.  While others seems to have found this “flat”, I think a good winter ale should have minimal carbonation to enhance the warming affects (perhaps just psychologically) and sweetness.  By then end of one though, I feel like I just at a King Size Snickers and need something a bit drier.

Bottom line, as I tend to get sick of winter, I get sick of Winter.

Beer is Balance…

… as is the case for food, wine, coffee, etc. Surly Furious, however, is the antithesis of balance. NW hop heavy, there is probably a good reason they put it in a can – any twinge of sunlight and I have no doubts this beer would start sprouting. There is no malt character to the beer, other than perhaps the body it provides, but that is easily eclipsed by the bitter “grapefruityness” that Cascade hops impart. My opinion of Furious may be the worst we’ll see of the Surly line, but so far my experience has deemed this brewery as one dimensional. Ick. I’ll give it a 1 cause it looks appealing.