But you where so fugly in High School

So, I admit I feel guilty about some gals I turned down in High School.  Now that I am a bit older and presumably wiser.  That is my thoughts now about you Black Helicopter.   I had written (wroten, wrotten, writed, chicken scratched, angrily blogged, screw you left brain) un-interested and un-impressed by your bland offerings earlier in life.  I had seen you in your Flat Earth begginings, but never knew the pottential hidden beneath.

Some one commented; cold coffe and beer.  I whole hardily agree.  GOOD cold coffe and BEER.

Absolutely fabulous.  Better do it again Flat Earth, or I’ll have to un-friend you on Facebook.

its like Die Hard, the movie; but beer, the drink

I love really good movies: the ones defined by their directed, written, and acted by characteristics and qualities.  Then I also love Die Hard.

So, craft beer by technicality no; gonna drink it all night and still love it in the AM, yes.  Still deserves some stars.

Thank you Schell’s for letting this beer live on.

BTW; don’t order a primo in New Ulm, you will get a Premium Light.  Just saying, not that there is anything wrong with that.

its not you, its me

Dear Belgian-Style Pale Ale, I have decided to stop seeing you for awhile. I started our relationship off with high hopes, and feel I have put more into it than you have. I dont thinks its you, it may be me. I acknowledge your Belgium yeast-e-ness, and biscuit-e-ness; but i just cant quite get a taste for a long term relationship. Maybe in the future we will try this again?

shot through the tongue, you give hops a good name

I love everything about this beer.  I love to take a can out of the fish killing rings (i do cut them up).  I love the “crack” sound.  I love first smelling the beer out of the can, then pouring it into a glass and smelling it more.  I keep smelling it until my tongue wants in on it.  The furious is so pretty in its glass, all amber and hazy, reminds me of this hippie chick…..    What can i say, if you dont enjoy intense hop flavor you probably wont like this.  If you see the Furious on cask, give it a try.  Even some hop-haters (joking, dont get so serious) like this beer on cask.  I really like this on cask and tea-bagged!

Gluek Honey “buck”

Man this stuff is cheap.  Not bad, wish I has just just finished mowing the lawn, and sucked a few of these down, to truly appreciate this beer in its element.  Maybe I could crack open a hole in the lake, stick a pole down, pretend to fish, and get drunk off this stuff.  It is what you expect and maybe better, but if you expect this to be “beer enthusiest good”, might as well get the heck out of the fridge section where this stuff lives, it keeps some scary company.  Hey Fat Cat used to be a MN brewed beer, and that is truly CRAP !

blizzard of ’07

Thoroughly enjoyed this beer on tap. I found the beer a bit different the next time I had it, in the bottle, but overall found it enjoyable.

Just picked up another 6 pack to sample and review. Definitely will be picking this beer up again, hopefully Big Top has them for $3 a six pack again towards the spring like last year.

Beer starts with a prominent carbonated crisp, followed by a quick sweat note, then a slight spice I associate with belgium yeast, then as the beer goes down the gullet I am left with a lingering sweat note. Now on to bottle two, oh ya, it smells good too!