Nice and Smooth.

MMMM, now this is more like it. I enjoyed the hoppiness of the the pale ale side of this beer. The belgian ale provided a smoothness to compliment the pale ale. I wouldn’t necessarily seek this beer out. It was good, but a little pricey for my taste. I’ll wait for my tax return and then splurge on one of these deliciously smooth beverages.

$9.99/ case…….what a…

I was unaware that this beer was so cheap until reading reviews on the site. But after tasting it, I had a good idea why. It wasn’t horrible, but I was glad that I hadn’t bought a whole case. Poured into a glass it had a nice color. It went down smooth, but there wasn’t anything remarkable that would make me desire to keep drinking more than one.

I’m giving it an average rating due to it’s cheap and it tasted better than other beers I have had in the past….like Mountain Crest (ewwww!).


The Schell Snowstorm first struck me as horrible. I slowly warmed up to it as I continued drinking it. It reminded me a little of Breckinridge Brewery’s Avalanche…….but not as good. I like the idea that Schell changes it’s Snowstorm annually and look forward to next year’s batch.