Mmm, Bier

I said the same thing about Furious: The canned version doesn’t do the beer justice. I was, however, fortunate enough to try SurlyFest at the Autumn Brew review, and then again off the tap at Triple Rock. Out of the tap, SurlyFest is just what you expect from an Oktober bier with a subtly hoppy edge for kicks. Out of the can: subtract some hops and add some aluminum. Still drinkable, but just not the same experience.Still, by all means, go buy some and drink it. And if you can, find some at your local pub and drink that too. Then drink some more. After all, in a couple days Oktober will be over and all you’ll have left is stupid old October.

Point me to the nearest wading pool.

Yes, summery. I’ve taken to drinking wheat beers with a spritz of lemon in place of orange juice for breakfast. It’s a summer thing. Winter, I don’t bother getting out of bed.I like this stuff. Very refreshing. Not a beer staple (wheat beers give me gas), but a beer to mark summer occasions.Makes me want to kick back on the porch at sunset to watch the sun set. Which makes me wish I had a porch. And makes me wish my apartment’s view wasn’t dominated by other apartments. So point me to the nearest wading pool.

No, what I have is a romantic abnormality, one so unbelievable that it must be hidden from the public at all cost.

I got Miss Catfish — a lithe, slippery creature with a sneering grin and a pair of enormous shades a la Nicole Richie. I love the label, though I’ll admit I was hoping for something a bit more Daryl Hannah.

Typical of my experience with Schell’s brews, I found this a functional beverage, neither offensive nor remarkable. But then I’m not much of a lager drinker, excluding session (read binge) drinking, and in such cases, I reach for the cheap stuff. Nevertheless, I’m a sucker for marketing gimmicks (I even drank OK Soda once), and tip my hat to Augie Schell for rousing my latent ichthyophilia.

If you like coffee stout, this is coffee stout.

Perfect on those occasions when you want to get drunk and wired at the same time and don’t want to fuss with two mugs. A volatile blend of caffeine and alcohol make this a welcome alternative to vodka Red Bulls in the bipolar beverage department.I for one think coffee and stout marry quite nicely, but if you’re not a fan of stout to begin with, I don’t suspect the coffee variation is going to win you over.

Do stroll through forests. Don’t be a fanboy.

Hoppy as hell, and delicious as hell if that’s your thing. But the canned version doesn’t do Furious its full justice.

Out of the tap, it’s like eating a grapefruit while strolling through an evergreen forest. Out of the can it’s bitter Fresca. So do this: Go to a bar that has Furious on tap and get it alongside a plate of extra-spicy Buffalo wings. Bring a spare pair of knickers.

Though I must insist, Furious’s awesomenessness doesn’t justify standing like a rube next to a biffy at the ass end of an mile-long line to the Surly brew review table to the neglect of every other beer on the premises. You know who you are.