Just Like Kentucky!

Barley John’s Dark Knight Returns, despite the silly name is actually my favorite brew at Barley John’s. Unfortunately, unlike many, I have not been a big fan of Barley John’s. I do like this brew though.Served in a small glass, the aroma in some ways stronger than the 13.5% alcohol in the beer itself. Straight away, it tastes less like a beer and more like a bourbon drink. It reminded me of Louisville’s Bluegrass Brewing Company‘s Jefferson Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout, just stronger. Did I say this tastes like bourbon?

Where’s the Helicopter?

Black Helicopter is a darker stout that’s mixed with a bit of coffee. At first glance the pints looked and smelled almost as if they were filled with coffee. Little to no head on this beer and we joked that we could get away with this at the office if we put it in a mug. It’s about one part coffee for every twenty-five parts beer but honestly, it tastes like it’s closer to one to one. The coffee comes through loud and clear but it’s not too overpowering. It’s a smooth beer but has what I’m starting to call the “Flat Earth Flat,” the tenancy for Flat Earth beers to taste like they have little to almost no carbonation. It’s tasty though — and I don’t generally drink coffee. A very drinkable beer overall and I went through three pints without really even noticing it. Well, I noticed it a lot when I was done.

We also took the opportunity to take photos with Flat Earth brewmaster Jeff Williamson who’s a very personable and nice guy.

I’d like to have another pint of this soon.

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This Beer Reminds Me Of Another…

Lesley and I enjoyed this beer at Yarusso Brothers yesterday evening. It’s not a bad beer, but it’s not fantastic either. We couldn’t decide what was “wrong” with it but something was a bit off. Maybe it was too much caramel flavor? In the end, I thought it tasted very similar to the Gluek Honey Bock. I went online today t find they’re both brewed at Gluek’s. I’m not surprised. 🙂

Hey, it’s not that bad!

I’m a bit late finding Brau Brothers Frame Straightener but I don’t think it was worth the wait. It’s not as bad as some people describe though in my opinion. I thought it was a bit fruity, pretty bitter and a little flat. An interesting mix of flavors. I don’t have a problem drinking a six pack of this minus the tenancy to smack my tongue on the roof of my mouth every other time I take a sip. There’s a few other Brau Brothers beers at the store I haven’t tried yet and this beer has been a gateway for me to try the others.

Where Did My Beer Go?

The question I asked each time after each beer from my six pack of Lake Superior Special Ale: “Where did my beer go?” Each time I had one, after the first few sips I completely forgot I was supposed to post about it on Brew52. No surprises, no BS, just good beer. Granted, a lot of the ways I’d describe the beer would be middle-of-the-road but really, they pulled off a simple, good beer that’s well balanced and would be good anytime for me. Thanks, Duluth.

Flat Earth Did It!

Generally not a big fan of Flat Earth beers, but this one was a real surprise. First off, the science fiction theme was a bit of a downer at first but the taste was great! Just thick enough… hints like chocolate and oatmeal… very easy to drink and pretty full flavored. Yum. I’ll have this one again, please.

What the heck!

I’ve barely had homebrew mistakes that tasted worse than this. Didn’t like the fruit at all (although I have no problem with fruit beers and I really enjoy a lot of Lambics) and the taste was overall confusing. Not in a good way, more in a, “what is all this shit in this?” kind of way. The aftertaste made me want to rinse my mouth out. You could see me with a bitter squint on my face saying “tschk tschk” with my tongue. We found this at the Blue Nile — good service, but $7 for a glass of this? Seriously? Decided to go to the Happy Gnome to try it again just in case I was nuts. They were sold out. Went to the Muddy Pig and it wasn’t on yet. Then before we left, waitress said they just tapped it. So we ordered one. Then (whom I believe to be Muddy Pig owner) Mark Van Wie came to us and told us pretty sternly that we can’t have it until “Wednesday at 6.” Our waitress followed later to apologize. Why wait? This beer sucks. 

Great event, good beer.

Thanks to Rett and The Herkimer for the great event.

For me, I’ve only been to The Herkimer a couple times before. First time I didn’t like any of the beers I tried. Second time one wasn’t bad. This trip has turned me around on the place.

The Alt was good but hard to dissect. I couldn’t really put my finger on what it was that I liked about it and even worse I couldn’t figure out what it was that I didn’t like about it. After awhile though, I realized I’d have no problem drinking a few of these. And I did. Thankfully with the magic of this site I can let other people describe the beer. I just can’t seem to do it. I can rate it, though!

Later in the night I met up with some other friends and drank some more. It seemed that all the staff there was recommending the Bock. It is indeed a really good beer there right now. If you head down to the Herkimer, I say try both the Alt and the Bock.

Staff last night was great and handled the large group well. Really friendly. I’ll be back.

Mal Hiver

I had a few of these one evening recently and it’s not how I remembered it when I first tried it. Summit Winter tasted a bit flat and honestly, it was like not much was there. A bit too smooth for my taste without much flavor to it. Boring.

Flat Earth Lives Up To It’s Name

I enjoyed this bottle of Flat Earth Brewing Belgian-Style Pale Ale last night. When pouring it, the beer seemed a bit flat. Tasting it at first reminded me of many homebrew beers I’ve tasted. It is a bit flat, but it’s very smooth… and the bit of taste it does have, which is hoppy, ends fast. It goes down easy even though it’s a bit bitter (for the better). I split this beer with Dave, who gave this face after a good swig of it. He called it his “hops face.” He added, “besides the hops, it doesn’t have a lot of flavor.” Overall, it’s not bad, but not that special either, in my opinion. I said, “I’d give this beer three stars,” and he agreed with me.

24 Can Mistake

Friend and I decided to pick up some of this at Minnehaha Liquors after a few drinks at the Town Talk Diner. They only had 24 packs. We asked if they had a 6-pack or a 12-pack, they didn’t, and we figured “well, we’ve gone this far…” and got it. Invited another friend over to enjoy. We all tried it for a bit and my, this beer we did not like.  I think it’d be fun if I was ice fishing though. It’s like someone took a cheep beer and dumped a candy carmel in it. Yeah. That’s how I’ll describe it. I have a bunch of cans left if anyone wants to stop over at my house and have free beer. Drop me a note.

Better than I thought, honestly.

Picked up a six pack of August Schell Snow Storm today at East Lake Liquor in Minneapolis. After my 3rd bottle, I’m convinced that it’s pretty good. It’s slightly dark, full, smooth and a tad bit heavy. It’s a “light dark,” to me, if that makes any sense. Nothing about it pokes out at me and what’s surprising about it is that there’s no surprises. It’s a simple dark beer, simply put.