2 much for me!

Sorry Surly, but not a fan. Most people that I have talked to about this seem to either love or hate this one.  I was sadly one of the haters.  I was really excited to try a cranberry beer and loved the idea of a local bog, but…alas….I will stay clear of this cranberry beer in my future.  Not sure how to even describe my thought process when sipping this bev: too tart, too strong, and too much for me.

Flat Earth or Flat Beer?

Maybe it was just the big bottle and fun label that got me overly excited for the contents inside, but it was just okay to me.  Slightly boring for the taste buds, but not a bad beer overall.  The brewers description mentioned a creamy mocha chocolate flavor- I could taste the chocolate flavor, but being an avid chocolate lover I’d have to say I didn’t taste creamy mocha chocolate.

MMMM tasty goodness

After one of our first big snowstorms of the year, Rett and I jumped through snowbanks to make it to happy hour in one of our favorite Northeast bars.  I chose the Schell Snowstorm and it seemed to go perfect with the blizzardy weather conditions outside.  I proceeded to buy a case of Snowstorm because I loved it so much, but discovered that there really can be too much of a good thing.  Conclusion: Great for when you just want one, too many more and it loses its fun.

A little bit of nothing

To be honest- I had to pour the beer out of the can into a nice frosty glass to tease my tastebuds into thinking it wasn’t just another canned beer.  It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad.  It was like Miller lite with a twist (but not a bad twist like Miller Chill).  If there was a night that I knew I was going to do a  lot of heavy drinking (possibly building my own beer can pyramid) Gluek’s Honey Bock might be my beer o’ choice.