A new winter tradition

Poured into a goblet from the festive bottle.

I have no qualms comparing this dubbel to those of Belgium. To me, it had the same balance of Belgian sweetness and port-like ripe complexity. Perhaps all it is lacking is the ‘refinement’ of the traditional dubbels but that could just be the ‘youth’ of this ale. This has been a nice companion for the past several weeks of holiday celebrations. I had fun at our party the other night giving an older fellow Chimay Bleue, then this Snowstorm to see what, if any differences he could detect. I’d love to see what these would do after a year in the cellar but I think I may end up drinking it all.

I can’t give this a 5 as I’d reserve that for something with a bit more heritage. Schell of course has plenty of heritage but not with respect to brewing Belgian beers. Very good!