I’ve had this on tap a couple times in the past month or so.  It was surprisingly strong tasting.  Initially the bitter taste was a bit too much for me but it must have been pretty potent because I didn’t notice that it was strong be the bottom of the glass.  Not my favorite beer, but still pretty good.

Second favorite honey beer (of 2 I’ve tried)

I was surprised that this was so cheap ($6.99/12 pack) until I tasted it.  It smelled and tasted like a cheap beer.  Once I poured it into a glass the smell got a little better, but I still didn’t like the taste.  I think the honey is in there just to try to cover up the harsh taste.  For the record, the other honey beer I’ve tried is Leinie’s Honey Weiss.


I was really excited to try Snowstorm, and to kick of this weekly project, but then I tasted it.  I admit it was lighter tasting than I expected, but that is about all I liked about it.  If you blink you’ll miss the hint of fruit and just be left with the bitter aftertaste.  I’m glad I got the Schell’s sampler pack at Haskells instead of six of these.