A Not So Flat Beer

Flat Earth Belgian Pale Ale…I really enjoyed this beer. I purchased a couple bombers at the Apple Valley liqueur store for $3.49 each. I didn’t get a chance to pour some out in a glass because I brought them out to the ice house but it sure did smell damn good in the bottle. You can taste a little of the hops but it’s not over done so you can enjoy a couple bottles in a sitting. No nasty after taste. Just 100% pure Belgian goodness. If you like Fat Tire then you will like the Flat Earth. I also tried the Flat Earth Element 115 (good stuff but I will leave that for another review).

Good beer for the value

Not a bad beer in a pinch. $9.99 for a 24 pack you almost can’t go wrong. Plus it has a 5.80% ABV. I would have to characterize Gluek Honey Bock as a sportsmans/college beer like Miller Lite, Busch Light, Mich Golden Light etc.  It’s cheap, you can drink a lot of it and it will do the job as intended. It was a little watered down and lacked a full body taste but what else would you expect from a $.42 can of beer.