Could I get some waffles with this syrup?

I have been drinking this stuff every winter since ’96. Yet unfortunately I think this tradition will have to soon be coming to an end. I am not sure if Summit has simply gotten too macro with their microbrews, but the delicate black delight of yesteryear has simply gotten too god damned thick. I used to easily consume quite a few of these in one sitting but I nearly exploded after just two (yeah I know I am kind of a weenie).  Is it that my tastes have simply changed? Maybe but all I know is that next winter I will look at forward to the next man’s beer as opposed to this one.

Drink this one first.

The thing about this furious beer that is extremely important is that any beer, food, or heck even gum will ruin this complex “hop bombardment.” One should have a completely bland taste in your mouth and this will wake up all of your taste buds in an instant. The more that I think about, if I were the bender/alcoholic type, this would be my first choice for a “roll out of bed beer.” Alas, I’m not though so I guess I’ll just plan my eating etc, around it.

A bit phoamy.

The ph is for phoney (a good Belgian Ale effort but certainly not the real deal) and the oamy is of course for foamy (when I poured it in my glass it fizzed up quite a bit which was kind of annoying). Yet getting past the fact that it is made in Minnesnowda and decapitating that massive head is a big roasty beer with that trademark sweet Belgian begining bite.

So Bee it.

For being a bulk beer at a cheap price, it actually does quite well for a poor(er) man’s honey weiss. I was actually pleasantly surprised with it’s richness. If only they added 8 more cans to the 24 pack then we as a consumer could match Danny Gladden’s (as ryan pointed out it being the former left fielder’s “fave”) former uni number and then maybe we could then get paid to say we like it just like Danny is paid to say he likes it. So what the hell, Go Twins!