Fly by night, away from here

Fly by night, away from hereChange my life againFly by night goodbye my dearMy ship isn’t coming and I just can’t pretend


good beer.  My first beer from Flat Earth and i gotta say i’m impressed.  Tastes on the lighter range of porters i’m used to, is that an English porter trait? I like the aroma, big beer quantity, and great aftertaste. Pour me another.  

K Love Special Sauce

The folks at Lake Superior Brewing Company can do no wrong.  I’m laughing,  I’ve been a big fan of the Kayak Kolsch for years, and it took the genious behind Brew52 to introduce me to the Special Ale.  Just the right amount of hops, super smooth, the only thing missing is the post big lake paddling fatigue.  Excuse me, gotta go get another. 

Plum and level, but where’s the craftsmanship?

Today I called in sick.  A perfect day to catch up on my Brew52 reviews.  I’m a builder, so naturally i was psyched to throw back a Frame Staightener.   The brew was fine, I don’t agree with other’s very poor ratings, but i wasn’t inspired by the taste.  In fact I picked up a sweet and musky aftertaste that i didn’t appreciate.  I will finish my sixer of Frame Staightener before I again attack what’s left of our case of High Life.  Did that inclusion say anything about the Straightener, or just undermine my entire review?

really just a little perturbed….

I appreciate the character of the furious.  Its hoppy and well brewed.  I prefer it on tap, but the can puts a little Dale Senior into the experience- like this can will end up in the back of my pickup when i’m finished with it.  Am I lame to admit i prefer the Bender? Probably, but i do think the Furious is a better beer, its just that the taste is a bit overwhelming for my delicate pallet.   

Alt errr ego

Maybe it was the good company, maybe the joy of hump day, but the Alt hit the proverbial spot with me.  I’m not a big fan of extremely hoppy pale ales.  The Alt ran the fine line between character and drinkability.  I had three.  I would compare it to Sierra Pale Ale which is another favorite.  

The Blood of the Ram

I had to take a moment to admire the stout graffic on the can before imbibing the nectar within.  The bold ram stamped on the side excited me. “This heady mead will surely release a animalistic power within that i have until now been unable, or unwilling to embody” I thought.  Well, I would probably have to drink 6 or 7 of these to get my animal side raging, and for the price I am sure it would be a good investment.  I am no beer snob, i would buy a case Gluek for a guy’s night.