Lemony, but not a shandy

Brau Brother’s Whirly Bird was not at Surdyk’s as of June 16th, so Becca got a 6-pack of the Pale Ale. Never before have I had a beer with such a strong lemon flavor, unless I overdid it lemon-ing on a Hefe. The website calls it a session beer, but I don’t know. If there is a hops bitterness, I miss it because it gets slammed by lemon tanginess.

1800 IPA is a gateway drug

I don’t usually choose to drink IPAs. They typically have this sharp edge that is unpleasant to me. That being said, I really liked this beer. It is very well rounded and made for a perfect accompaniment to the fried green beans and bleu burger I had.  I have to agree with Rett on the Porter, it was just a little bit too much on the creamy, sweet side. It reminded me of an cold mocha.

Easy to drink

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the muni liquor store had the Lakemaid. All they offered were 12 packs, but no beer goes to waste in my house anyway.

This beer is light, both in color and flavor. There is definitely more malt than hops. What I really appreciate is that there is no aftertaste. It really is a crisp, clean, easy to drink beer. Erin might even like it.