Crap! We just spent $12.99 at South Lyndale and someone else got it for $9.99.  Double-crap that it’s total crap!  You can taste the honey, and there’s the slightest hint of bitterness when you first taste the beer, but there is zero finish.  The finish is…oh…water perhaps?  Nasty.  We, like Aaron said, would be willing to make the huge and incredibly generous sacrifice of offering the remainder of our 22 beers to whoever would enjoy them.  That’s just the kinda folks we are….

Much Better Than I Thought

Not being a fan of most of Schell’s beers, I was hesitent to try Snow Storm.  Now, to be clear, I really like wheat beers and I find Snow Storm to be reminiscent of some Beligian Whites I’ve tried, which to me have a simliar “feel” to a hefe.   Slightly sweet but with a subtle spicyness, it’s easy to drink.  Surprisingly, I’m a big fan!