Sidelined by a cold- better late than never

Due to a nasty cold this weekend, I decided to delay my review. My taster is still a little off so I will do my best. I like the color- burnt sienna is what I will call it. The smell is not so great but again it could be due to my impaired olfactory system. Upon first taste it seems a little bitter and leaves a funny feeling on my tongue. I think I’ll stick with my regimen of orange and cranberry juices.  

I hadthis beer several weeks ago when I went to listen to Author Doug Hoverson’s talk on this history of brewing in Minnesota. I don’t disliking it as much as I do at this moment-maybe I was glad to be drinking a local beer while learning about the rich brewing history in Minnesota. So, check out “Land of Amber Waters: The History of Brewing in Minnesota”.  Perhaps this beer tastes better when thinking about something else while drinking it?