Anything else?

I thought that the taste of this beer was fine for a pale ale, but it had a bit too much foam. I think it was still expanding in my stomach when I went to bed. With that being said I would be interested in trying Flat Earth’s other beers and really liked that it came in a large bottle. Drinking feels more social if you share a bottle of beer, like a bottle of wine…

Better than last week.

I have to say, I rather enjoyed this beer. Maybe it was because I was comparing it to the last beer I had – the beer from week one.  It was quite smooth, although if I had to drink all 24 cans that they forced me to purchase, I’m pretty sure that I would never drink it again. I would consider buying it again once in a while if they offered a six pack.

Well…I’ll pass.

I like to judge books by the cover and beer by the label. Obviously this isn’t a good idea in either case. Schell Snowstorm has a very pretty label, but the contents are boring. After drinking half the bottle I had no desire to finish it.  I typically like beers with a fruity taste, but it just wasn’t there. I won’t lose hope. Let’s see what Schell can come up with next year.