Nick Dyer

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Profile: Hey I'm a home brewer in St. Paul's Como Park area. I love beer and am everyday thankful for it's creation. Two things, I'm not a Beer Snob. I'll drink anything from Miller High Life (ice cold in a can is the best on a summer day) to a corked Belgian Ale. The other thing, I'm biased to hoppyness! (is that a word?) If it's overloaded with hops, I'll love it. If it makes you pucker up a gasp...even better.

Reviews by HopScotch:

Pert’ner Perfect

Week 10: Lake Superior Special Ale (March 3–9) | Reviewed on March 8th, 2008

I’m exhausted after 2 full days of high school hockey and this beer hit the spot.  Really good crisp bite. It’s refreshing and not too bitter. They could clean up the foggy aftertaste a bit though. The bottle is also one of the best.  

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