Oh man…that’s not what I wanted…

This is defiantly not a beer to have after a hard days work, not that I’ve experienced that. It’s the beer that you try to impress your friends with and say, “Oh yeah, I LOVE dark beers….don’t you? Or are you a pussy?” I’ll drink this beer with a smile on my face, and it’s really not bad, but it just sits to heavy on my tongue. I end up tasting it too long afterward, and it doesn’t go well with any sort of food…I’ve tried.

Unfairly kind to this brew

Loved this beer. Perfect hoppiness and I was able to drink a few without being overwhelmed. It was refreshing and could be had with any meal. Although, I may be biased because it came from the tap and drank it in the bar. I’ll give this beer 5 stars, but I feel that it’s on an uneven playing field with past beers that came out of the bottle or can.

Now that’s a can!

Nice Ram head looking for the next wise-ass to bust skulls with. I love the sub-title, “Royal Select.” I can just imagine kings and queens of old scrutinizing this Honey Bock. The flavor is OK. After all it is beer and I’ll drink it, I do like the subtle honey flavor. Though I wish I hadn’t rated SnowStorm so low because this is definitely not as good as that, but I’m saving the 1/2 star rating for if we ever review Rolling Rock.  It’s not really a beer to have with dinner, or really a beer to have while watching the game (though I am watching the BCS Championship) The only place I can think of  where drinking this beer would be suitable is after bustin’ skulls with that ram. 

It’s the first beer you need a chaser for.

A thick and unsatisfying beer that makes your tongue thick  with their ‘creativeness.’ Malty and gunky.  The bottle is tacky, but if you look at it long enough you start to feel like you’re in Bedford Falls running down the street hollerin’ Merry Christmas! I wish I lived in one of those windows, or was the owner of the horse and buggy. If I was that buggy driver I’d LOVE this beer. But I’m not.