My first taste was not that great.  After a few more sips I was able to picture myself sitting on the patio on a very hot day in July with the Schell Pilsner in my hand.  Since today was not a hot day in July it was just ehh.  To be honest, the more I think about it, on a hot day in July I am more likely to have a hefeweizen in my hand, so I’ll rate it a 3 as I’m not likely to try it again.  It had a bit of a sweet honey taste that I kind of enjoyed but not too much.  

Love it!

I really enjoyed this beer.  It was tart and sweet.  The first sip was maybe too tart and I wasn’t completely sure of it, I didn’t have a problem finishing it though.  Tastes like a traditional Belgian beer.  Then a few days later I had another and it seemed more mild and really delish!  I’ll be drinking more of these.

Not my style

I was the wife that laughed at the husband for using the thermometer while pouring the beers. When cooking pork sure get out the thermometer, beer, thats a little crazy for me. Anyway onto my review.

I have a hard time saying much other than its not my style. I just haven’t found a porter I like and they all taste the same to me, just not good.


I didn’t really like this beer.  It was just kind of boring.  Nothing stood out to say have more.  I just kept thinking why am I drinking all these calories when its really not very good, I should just stop, but yet I didn’t.  I’ll leave the rest in the fridge for my husband to drink.