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Profile: I am an all around booze connoisseur. I Love hanging out at the Muddy Pig and going to see live music. I enjoy the bigger things in life Belgium Ales, fine cabernet, and stiff martinis.

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Flatly Barely Barley Wine

Week 13: Flat Earth Winter Warlock (March 24–30) | Reviewed on June 4th, 2008

You gotta love the local little guys, but this is a weak example of barley wine. Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot has surfaced for spring, I believe this to be a much better representation of the style. Another great barley wine to try if you want your test buds ripped out through your throat is Thomas Hardy’s (it’s a mighty strong beer made for aging). Flat Earth Winter Warlock is just to wimpy to be a barley wine, but I would drink a few more.

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