That’s Punchy Fella

This beer packs a punch…of booze. I really enjoy the hoppiness factor, although I can’t quite place what I’m tasting. It has short, flat, subtle flavors. I’m basically tasting caramel and alcohol. This beer kind of blows. It’s tasty with cashew brittle though…and would probably be good with No Country For Old Men.

Alt meets Herkiburger

Thanks to Ret for organizing a great Brew52 get together. Thanks Ret.

And thank you Herkimer for a hopped up Alt beer paired with a burger topped with mozzarella cheese, tobacco onions, bacon, and a raspberry bbq sauce on a toasted bun. I enjoyed the Alt, but it was a little bitey for me. I really enjoy a hoppy beer, but this one had something else going on that wasn’t screaming at me. I must say though, I used to be a smoker, and this combination really made me want a cigarette…oh, oopsi had one that night. mmmm…oooooooo…crap

Beerf Stew Anyone?

This is the first beer that I’ve tasted in three days due to snot clogging cold, and it is flushing the previous two beers down the toilet…rapidly. This beer is delicious and nicely balanced. I’m thinking of making a beef stew with this beer…or maybe Belgian Style Pale Ale braised beef, pulled, then slapped on a tasty hard roll served with a side of Belgian Style Pale Ale braising liquid for dipping. mmmmm…

first impressionable

my favorite schell beer. almost like an after dinner drink. it’s something between a good madeira and a fine scotch. smooth, sweet, rich; this beer may even be good at room temp if you’re in to that kind of thing. i’ve been thinking of what kind of chow would pair nicely with this, and i’ve decided on vanilla custard; a creme brule. i wish it was a little hoppier though. mmmm…