Charity = Good! Beer = Eh.

So it’s super-cool that Finnegan’s gives all their profits to charity. I’d rather buy a Finnegan’s than a Miller Lite, for example, for that very reason. So if you’re looking for an eh beer, and you want to feel better about yourself, buy this beer.

This beer did nothing for me. I considered not finishing it, but then considered that I spent $1.49 on the bottle, so I reconsidered and drank it. The taste was a little too bitter.

I’m Having Trouble With Winter

I really enjoyed this beer.  It’s very drinkable, it’s very tasty.  It went down quickly and smoothly last night, as I enjoyed some delicious hot and sour soup.  But I’m having a hard time reviewing it, because I can’t think of much to say about it. I guess I should just say, I like it.  I don’t love it.  But I’d drink it again. 

So Much Better On Tap; Still Quite Good In The Can

Every Surly I’ve had tastes totally different on tap. The furious is amazing on tap. A revelation to a beer drinker. The smell of citrus, the aroma is wonderful. Then the hops hit you, and it tastes like a real beer, not one of those wheat beers that I’m embarrased to admit I like.

In the can; it’s good and borders on great, but it just isn’t quite there. I’m not sure why. I love the first taste, and the second, but when I get to the bottom of the glass, it’s just not as fantastic as I imagine it.

I’ve had it in a Gremlin Growler, and it’s much closer to the tap flavor there. Either way, this is a damn good beer. If you don’t like your beer to have flavor, you’ll hate Surly. That’s why it’s called Surly, not Girly.

UPDATE: Thanks to Eric for correcting my use of the word “Gremlin.”  This is why you shouldn’t review a Surly immediately after drinking it.

A Brew52 First! My Wife and I Agree On This Beer

I know, stop the presses.  My whole bit has been the, “I hate this beer” and “My wife loves it” routine.  Well, more like, “I hate this beer” and Alyssa “doesn’t hate this beer.”  But I digress.

We really enjoyed the Flat Earth Pale Ale.  I reserved this beer at the Maple Grove liquor store,  Princeton’s, and have been saving it.  I’m glad I saved it for this occasion.  The occasion of reviewing it.

The finish is clean, there’s no aftertaste, the flavor is full and enjoyable.  I don’t usually like pale-ales, but I really liked this.  The label says this beer has hints of “raisin, cherry and toast.”  I really enjoyed the toast aspect of the beer.  Toast-tastic, as far as I’m concerned.  Toast-tastic.  I also like how they recommend pairing the beer with “steamed mussels, pizza, a rack of lamb, or even a char-grilled steak.”  I guess it goes with everything.

Anyway, this review has gone on too long.  My only regret is that I shared this beer with a fellow reviewer, Tim Furnish.  I wish I kept the whole thing for myself.

An Unfortunate Beer

Am I too picky?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Either way, Gluek’s Honey Bock is not delicious.  At first I thought it tasted like Busch Lite, and so I wondered, “Jason.  Is this beer cheaper than Busch Lite? If so, maybe that’s something.”

Of course, there is no circumstance under which I would buy Busch Lite, so it turns out, it’s nothing.

My wife’s review, of course, is polar opposite of mine.  She took one taste and said, “Not bad.”  I said, “Try another taste.”  She said, “Still not bad.”

If causes my marriage to fall apart, so help me God, I will hunt you down and kill you, Rett.

In conclusion, this beer is better than horrible.

It’s a Wintery Mix

My wife just took a taste (she doesn’t love beer. she mostly dislikes beer) and her one word review: “Yuck.” I have a more luke-warm opinion of this beer. It’s slightly sweet, and kinda darkish, and I think it’s not bad. It’s like seeing a nice snowstorm, but then it turns rainy, and in the end, it’s a little gross but a little okay.

It’s better than I expected but worse than I had hoped. I probably wouldn’t buy this beer again.