Smokey, light wintry goodness

Summit northern porter is filled with wonderful!  I grabbed one after work and couldn’t wait to pour a beer after getting home.  Maybe it is just getting extra props for being picked at the start of the cold season, but I am really enjoying this beer even while writing this post.  I think the beer could use a little more body, I’m a fan of how guinness tastes like a meal and feel like that is more how a winter beer should be which is why it lost half a star.  I dont even know if a porter is supposed to be a winter beer, it just tastes like one but light and smooth as well.  The smoky flavor it has is great as well, this is a perfect beer for just chillin and enjoying beer.

Filled with awesome

Great taste, strong on the hops but not surgery and sweet like some of the previous beers on the menu.  I really enjoyed this one a lot although it had the advantage of being my drink with pizza beer which it complimented perfectly.  But then beer and pizza is always wonderful.  It lost half a star for being a touch too strong, I dont think this beer would be my number one choice for drinking on a night long beer binge.  But as far as a tasty and refreshing beer goes the surly furious is pure wonderful.

Seems to be a little of everything

This brew really is all mixed up. I guess that might be what you expect from something thats a belgin and a pale ale. It had a pretty thick texture and a mix of fruity taste with nice hoppy flavor. The strong flavor was a bit of a surprise, it reminded me a lot of that beer I helped make where the fuggle (end brewing hops) got left out. Almost no beer aroma at all but a decently strong flavor when you get to drinking.

It was still a bit sweet also but not nearly as much as the honey beers which was what made it drinkable, but for the most part I felt it was just a fairly average drink.

In one word: average.

There is just nothing to really distinguish this brew other then the can. It has very little flavour, it’s a bit too sweet (but the name says honey beer so thats expected) and other then that it’s quite plain. This is the kinda beer I’d buy for a century club and not feel bad if it didn’t all stay down by the end. And it has the advantage of being bland enough that your not especially beer fond girlfriend might be willing to slam a glass or two as well.

I sampled this one 5 mins after getting home from work and it felt decently refreshing and left me in a good mood, so it’s getting a 3 star rating for doing what beer does best.

I’m not sure “fruity” should mean syrup

I was really looking forward to a nice winter ale with this one. Something that was thick and fulls you up a bit and feels great drinking on a cold day. I honestly felt like there was more high fructose corn syrup in this then then a can of mountain dew. It was thick but tasted like syrup so much it was hard to finish all the way. Perhaps it’s a special style of beer that certain people like which they were aiming to please, but I guess I’m just not one of those people. I’ve never enjoyed honey beers all that much and it’s hard to drink more then a couple of them, but this was like the Super Squishy of all beers.