My Go-To Brew

I spent most of the winter working in the Grain Belt Studios in the old bottling house next to the brewery and it seemed downright weird to drink anything but Primo while we were there. Now, when I’m feeling overwhelmed at Surdyk’s and can’t think what to buy, I fall back on the Grain Belt. It’s perfect for summer – light, refreshing, tasty. It’s not too tasty, though. Not distinctive enough to get sick of. Best of all, you can get twelve bottles for less than ten bucks. Great for nights on the porch, barbeques, and yard work.

2007 Snowstorm: Sweetness

I have a love-hate relationship with yeasty beers and this year’s Snowstorm inspired an expected ambivalence. On one hand, Schell’s has delivered a beer that is complex and sweet, that starts like raisins and ends like apples. It’s tasty and fizzy and a nice alternative to my usual hoppy microbrew ales. On the other hand, this Snowstorm is heavy and filling. I never want to drink more than two in a sitting.