Real Good

This is how a pilsner should taste.

I generally don’t drink pilsners. They tend to taste like ass once they warm up a slight bit. They also tend to come in cans and kegs and get drunk by non-snobby people. My kind of people tend to be the snobby kind.

But this is a good beer. It has a nice color and a great taste. It is refreshing and balanced. I wish I could hand out bottles of it to people drinking crappy pilsners and say, “This is what your beer is suppose to taste like. Please have a beer that tastes like this when I come over next time.”

Pretty Good

This beer wasn’t bad.  It had a nice taste and a nice color, but it left me wanting more.  It is a great beer to serve to friends because almost everyone is going to like it enough to drink it.  Of course, the same is true with Premium, so maybe I’ll just stick to that to pawn off on my friends so they stay away from our good beer.

Good, not Great

I’m clearly not as witty as others on this board. So, sad…

But, this is a good beer. We had it with dinner and it paired nicely with BBQ, coleslaw, and mac n’ cheese. I think it would pair nicely with most food.

Universal food pairing does not make a great beer, just as universal food pairing doesn’t make a good wine. As has been said, it doesn’t have a lot of body, a great beer would. It just didn’t blow me away on any level.

Summed up, it is a good solid beer, but nothing amazing.

Pretty Gross

Well, it has a pretty color and it is cheap.  But, it tastes gross and is getting worse as it gets warm.  The smell is alright, but it is sort of offensive in my mouth.  It just doesn’t taste good. I like my cheap beers to taste more like nothing, but this has a strong taste.  It also has an aftertaste, which a cheap beer should never have.

But, if I’m going to be honest, this is significantly better than I thought it would be.  I thought it would taste like honey piss, but I can’t even taste the honey.

I know I’m not being specific, but there is something I just don’t like.  It tastes wrong.


After a long day of sitting around my house doing nothing, this beer hit the spot. 

I generally like Schell’s beers, but I don’t buy them often.  This is the best of their beers I have ever tasted.

It was sweet and smooth.  I was happily surprised by how much body it has.  I wasn’t expecting any, so the amount it had made me happy.  More would have been better.  In a glass, it is gorgeous, just really pretty.  The alcohol content must have been more than a normal beer because my husband got a buzz off of just one, or so he said. 

 Overall, much better than expected.  I would absolutely pick up another six pack.