Summit does it again

Been a long time summit EPA fan but haven’t really branched out to try many of their other flavors.  I was way disappointed with the winter ale, the plum/raisin taste was nasty, but the maibock is especially great.  Nice full flavor that leaves you wanting more.  I found myself not being able to put the bottle down since I just wanted to keep tasting it.  Too bad I only had one.  So I am off to the liquor store for more!!

A very good beer

I tasted Finnegan’s for the first time about a year ago and liked it quite a bit then.  I was equally as pleased with the beer this time around as well.  It’s got a familiar Summit taste, which I really dig, but a bit more mellow.  In my book they get four stars just for giving so much money to charity but luckily the beer is good as well.


Even though I was expecting bad things due to the plum, this beer wasn’t particularly great or bad.  Nothing about it stood out to me and nothing was offensive.  Maybe it’s the brand but it did have quite a bit of carbonation to it.  Nothing to report really.

A Farewell to Kings

Another fine beer in the flat earth catalog, possibly my favorite!!!  Although i think this is due more to my love for prog rock.  Sad but true, i am a recovering rush fan.  I have moved on to finer prog music but i did have to break out the old “A Farewell to Kings” album while drinking this tasty beverage.  They went together great.

raisinets anyone?

One sip will tell you that this is surely a winter beer with all the raisin flavor you could ask for. Really though, I don’t want any of that raisin in my beer. It is about this time that I start getting really sick of winter and maybe my seasonal discontent shows a bitter reflection upon my beer palate. Yet what I really need is a tall cold dark hoppy beer to end a hot summer day. Love ya Summit but better luck next winter.

Pretty good but better on tap

I’ve had this beer a few times at bars and restaurants and liked it quite a bit.  In the can it losses a bit of something, it just isn’t as flavor full in the can.  With that said, it wasn’t bad in the can but if you have had it before on tap you probably won’t be as pleased.  For that reason I give the beer a 4 overall, the can alone would be 3 1/2 and the tap would be 4 1/2.

Great Beer!!

I have had this beer a few times and it must be my favorite from the flat earth collection.  Nice big taste, let’s you know you are drinking a beer.  I actually know Jeff, the brewer and founder of flat earth, through one of my friends.  He is a really great guy and you should look into taking a tour of his brewery.  I found it really educational.

Far from greatness

I had never tried gluek’s before and was pretty excited since the twelve pack i found was something like $6.00.  Well there was a reason it was so cheap.  The first half of the beer was tough to choke done but did get better into the second.  If you are looking for some cheap beer for a party, this is your beer but if you want something tasty you may have to wait until next week.