This wasn’t my favorite beer, nor a style I particularly enjoy, but it definitely wasn’t undrinkable. Plum? Huh. Not so sure I would’ve picked that out. Without the description up above, I probably would’ve called it “fruity”, or “tart”, or, if I’m going way out on a limb, “ex-girlfriend”.

Not funny? Crap.

Fine, I’ll steer clear of the comedy and stick with what I do know; beer-drinkin’ and beer-peein’, in that order.


Two words; Chewy.

Yeah, yeah, that’s only one word. I know. Get off my ass already. I’m not that bright.

I’m not one to discuss stuff like “head retention”, or something technical, like “flavor”, but I’m going to break tradition and get all technical on your asses by saying this; this beer makes me all sleepy and stuff.

One hell-of-a nightcap. Yum.


I’ve tried this beer numerous times, and each time I’ve wondered what I’m not getting, that something about Furious is going right over my head. I bought another 4 pack at the beginning of January before I found out that it was the week 4 beer.

The first two beers of four, I had the same reaction; something about the hops is just off. Not bad, but for me, it’s something different. The best I can explain it is “green”. It tastes green.

What other beer has Simcoe, Warrior, or Ahtanum in it? If I could break those apart on a hop-by-hop basis, I’d for sure find the hop that is pushing through. I’ve got an all Amarillo pale right now, so I don’t think it’s that. What do I know, though?

The third out of the pack, I thought, hey, this is pretty good, but then my review beer, beer four, I was back to where I started–with a tongue full of hops, but no greater appreciation for this beloved Minnesota beer. Sad.

Would I drink it again? Of course. I’m not that stupid.