Surly Furious – In your face.

I recall when first I tried Furious, being a hop-enthusiast, I enjoyed the first 1/4 of the beer, but then it became unpleasantly excessive for 1/2 the beer, and then good again.  Now it has grown on me, and I love it on almost any occasion.  Interestingly a friend of mine who hates alcohol and bitter beers sampled mine and compared it to the pint of amber he had bought, and found it “fruitier” and more drinkable.   If you find a tap that’s not so fresh, it does have a tendency however to have a gritty dry stale bread flavor.  Furthermore, despite Surly’s assertions to the quality of canned beer, i find it to taste different (even when poured in a glass) out of cans.  I admit there are a lot of variables at play like temperature, freshness, pour, carbonation level, atmosphere, and expectation to name a few, but generally the hops are more subdued and the beer has less body.  Nonetheless I am glad to have another tasty option in a narrow field of canned beers for outdoor activities in safe packaging.  In other news, I hate the name for reasons I won’t expound upon at this time, especially considering it’s pointlessness.  🙂  Despite all my criticism, the beer’s merits overshadow all else.

a mixed bag.

Poured great; I like a lot of head out of my belgian’s without blowing out of the glass.  This one did not disappoint, however it receded fast.  I suspect it was too cold at first.  My first impressions commiserate with Aaron’s “homebrew” comment.  However the flavors opened up some as it warmed up.  The hops became a nice green herbal sensation.  Citrus flavors mucked about.   Soon however, it was drowned by dinner: pizza.  Overal, very drinkable but a near miss.  The nose remained a little pungent and the body lost most of its carbonation.



‘Gluek’s de beer in de silver can, it taste de best?’

The first words out of my mouth were. “mm, tastes like aluminum.” (We got the canned version, but despite pouring in glasses, still tasted metallic. Perhaps our local establishment does not move a great deal of this product either.) That aside, it was disappointingly much like a Milwaukie’s best ice with a smattering of caramel malt to disguise the fact. :-/ It is what it is. One could do worse, and it may prove an effective gateway beer, but not likely for those who would be inclined to engage in the reviewing of beers.