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Surly Furious – In your face.

Week 4: Surly Furious (January 21-27) | Reviewed on January 27th, 2008

I recall when first I tried Furious, being a hop-enthusiast, I enjoyed the first 1/4 of the beer, but then it became unpleasantly excessive for 1/2 the beer, and then good again.  Now it has grown on me, and I love it on almost any occasion.  Interestingly a friend of mine who hates alcohol and bitter beers sampled mine and compared it to the pint of amber he had bought, and found it “fruitier” and more drinkable.   If you find a tap that’s not so fresh, it does have a tendency however to have a gritty dry stale bread flavor.  Furthermore, despite Surly’s assertions to the quality of canned beer, i find it to taste different (even when poured in a glass) out of cans.  I admit there are a lot of variables at play like temperature, freshness, pour, carbonation level, atmosphere, and expectation to name a few, but generally the hops are more subdued and the beer has less body.  Nonetheless I am glad to have another tasty option in a narrow field of canned beers for outdoor activities in safe packaging.  In other news, I hate the name for reasons I won’t expound upon at this time, especially considering it’s pointlessness.  🙂  Despite all my criticism, the beer’s merits overshadow all else.

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