Does the “Flat Earth Society” still exist?

I heard about this group once from an old middle school science teacher. I’d like to meet one of these people who still truly believe that the earth is not round. I admire someone who sticks to their beliefs even in the face of science. Those silly facts.

That being said, I admit I like this beer. It’s not what I was expecting from a Belgian. There was a sweetness to it that threw me for a loop; I was expecting something more fruity but I got a little slap across the face full of caramel instead. Its a very drinkable beer. Roadblock: I had one that I thought was a little flat, so I tried a second and found that to be the same. I’m going to stick to my guns though, even in the face of the carbonation I yearn for.

Glueks Honey wonderful honeybarf

Open can, drink liquid, puke honey beer in mouth, admire the cheap case of glee puke beer.

This beer made me think two things.

1. Holy shit, this is gross.

2. Wow, I’m drunk, lets party with some honey.

Who decided this was good? Because the last time I threw up, I never thought it would be good to add honey to it, ferment it and call it beer. But for 11 bucks a case, I’ll put myself to bed.

3. I like lists and the numbers that go with them.

4. Get used to it.



The real secret about snowstorm…

I can never decide whether I look forward to this beer because it’s supposedly different every year, or because it always tastes the same to me and I only get it “for a limited time”.

Question: When was the last time you tasted two different versions of Snowstorm right next to each other? I haven’t, but I think i’m starting to think its B.S.

Special Secret: Snowstorm tastes the same no matter what “secret selection of fine malts and hops” those pesky brau-meisters use . Oh yeah, and it’s enjoyable.