Week 10 already?! Wow, I AM getting old.

Yep, this beer was good. Crisp, nice strong taste without being overwhelmingly ‘pale ale-ish,’ and refreshing. All that and I only finished half of it because it had been a long night and I had to drive home. But, I would buy it again, probably more than one bottle the next time. However, I have to disagree with Nick that “the bottle is one of the best” . . . it was so plain and nondescript that I nearly missed it in the sea of sweet labels. I don’t mind the “Lake Superior” wordmark – looks a bit 80s vintage (again, we’re old if 80s can be vintage) like something my dad would have been drinking when I was a tot –  I just have an issue with the use of Monotype Corsiva for the “Special Ale.” I mean, it’s special, right? So let’s not use a Mac standard font.

“Alt love you. No, seriously, Alt LOOOOVE you.”

So, to my surprise, Alt was the name of the beer we were tasting, not the fancy schmany brand that Rett made to symbolize our Alt[ernative] meet-up this week. Also, to my surprise, this beer was INCREDible. It was like Newcastle (my all time favorite) on flavor steroids. Unfortunately for me, I was low on sleep, heavy on homework, and responsible for driving Nick back home, so I limited myself to just one (amazing) glass. I loved every last sip of it . . . dare I say, this is my first 5 star beer?!

Flat Earth falls a bit flat, then rounds out.

I’ll be honest. I really wanted to like this beer – and I had high hopes. The label was non-offensive, the size was just up my alley (and I didn’t have to buy a 6-pack!) and the color was perfect. I decided to enjoy this brew with my Friday night pizza, just like the local brewers suggested. Thankfully, I imbibed before gorging, because the beer was actually good – before the Italian cuisine. However, once I added the pizza to my palette, the beer tasted like . . . old people. Thankfully, the 1 pint 6 oz size allowed for this error; after finishing the pizza and cleansing my palette, I tried again. This time, I was probably a bit under the influence, but I do believe the Earth came full circle and was enjoyable once again. 

Goes down smooth, disappointing finish.

This beer falls somewhere between Miller Light, Amber Bock, and Honey Weiss . . . if that’s at all possible. However, for as smooth as it goes down, it’s disappointing and boring overall. The can scared me . . . I can venture a guess that a 25 year old woman was not their target audience . . . perhaps it was more along the lines of HopScotch’s demographic. Either way, if I wanted a beer to go down like water, I would keep it real with Miller Lite – Milwaukee pride, baby!

A little from column A, a little from column B

This beer (although only half-way gone at the time being) baffles me. It starts out tasting like a dark winter ale, but ends with a light finish that leaves me forgetting the initial flavor. So far, I’m diggin’ it . . . I get to enjoy the taste of a darker beer but without the heavy feeling of guilt at the end of each swallow. Raisins? Definitely. But only when I smell it. Dark fruit and rum? Not sure. Guess I have a lot to learn about developing my beer palette.