Premium Brew

Great MN beer.  One of the first beers I started drinking until I was introduced to other styles of beer and Micro brews.  Premium has a lot of flavor for a lighter lager and yields a hint of blueberries.  Standard staple at many weekend gatherings with friends.  I’d recommend trying one if you haven’t.  But seriously, who hasn’t had a Grain Belt Premium?

Hmmm, not Mmmm

This was an interesting IPA. Not what I expected in both the flavor and color. The color was extremely light. The flavor was initially very light on the bitterness, but had a stronger hop finish and aftertaste. 1800 IPA has a malty feel. The aroma and flavor were slightly earthy. I generally enjoy IPA brews but this one did not impress me. I would suggest ordering a Masala Mama. This beer just didn’t satisfy.